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This is supposed to be a fair and balanced review?
With a name like Krap la Krap you could tell they intended this to follow the academic standards of critical reviews? Smart boy.
I stopped caring about other people's opinions on anime when I realized that there are people who genuinely enjoy and actually prefer anime that I don't like
I looked through some of the comments and he seems to really hate it for some reason, but I doubt that he would change my opinion on KlK even if I did watch all 1 hour 40 minutes of his podcast thing
I turned it off when I got to the 10th minute and they still weren't talking about the goddamn anime, instead babbling about their internet friends and circlejerking about the size of their e-penises or something I don't know.
>only 2 minutes in

Nope. Why even bother with this.
Not even going to bother listening to it. I bet they try some pseudo-philosophical bullshit about why Takarada was evil, too.
>skip forward
>horrible harpy voice
>Maybe it's because I've been on Tumblr, maybe I'm a bit skewed, but I've been tired of watching female characters that...
>close tab
You're asking us to care about some random website's opinion.

We don't.
>Taking 100 minutes to say something is shit
Jesus christ
It seems like he is trolling hard.
You know what, I bet that COBY guy is apart of the Zionist movement. HIEL BERTSCHY!!!

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