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I hate my job, honestly. Not cause of the job itself, it's my fucking coworkers.
There's this one guy, worked security I think, he basically is the bossiest prat I've ever met, always up in his own shit. Plus whenever he works the kitchen he can't get a fucking meal right.
There's this fucking autistic kid, I think it's a girl but I swear there might be a dick somewhere there, part of the IT department, all she/he does is fucking scream and laugh maniacally while typing up on the computer. It's unsettling as fuck
The only verified girl is a money-fetishising thief with only her interests at heart, I don't know why we keep her. Nice rack, but that can't save her character by long stretch.
Oh and there's this fucking dog that I swear, one day it's gonna come up and talk to me. It's fucking irksome
So basically, we go around the galaxy hunting criminals for bounty. Somehow we rarely succeed and are permanently broke. FML.

it took me way too long to get it
It's almost the same as that Pokémon copypasta
Spike pls.
Nice blog :^)
>not getting the joke
As I watch the stars in the sky, poking the embers of my small camp fire, contemplating the vastness of our galaxy. I calmly reassure you that your worries will soon part from you Warrior.

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