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File: Space-Dandy-Dandy[1].jpg (65.68 KB, 232x640)
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Hi /a/.
This is my first time ever posting on this board, so please refrain from filling the thread with b8 reaction images.
I have never stuck with watching an anime in my entire life, and the ones I have watched have always been Adult Swim english dubs. This includes Zach Bell(about 8 episodes,) Bobobo bo bo bobo(about half the series,) and then a lot of pokemon when I was a little kid.
I just decided to look into Space Dandy, and after watching the first episode I must say I am liking it. The animation is cool, the alien characters and sci-fi scenery is always a plus, and the music is fantastic.
I just red a review by some popular tumblrfag that said it's going to be a shit show because of the childish humor, lack of plot, and major differences between the dub and the sub.
So I wanted to ask you guys.
What, in the long run, would be better for me to watch, with any anime? Sub or dub?
I used to watch hentaisin my teen years and I fucking hated watching subbed because I was practically reading a fucking book. But at the same time I don't want the casualized americanized dialogue that dubbed anime has to offer. What should I do? ;_;
File: b607c53f.png (92.48 KB, 955x957)
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>so please refrain from filling the thread with b8 reaction images
Anybody know where I can get the Rocket Ship song by Super X 13 from the newest promo?
File: 123124285935.png (325.05 KB, 470x556)
325.05 KB
325.05 KB PNG
Knew it
I fucking knew it
after all this time hearing /v/ saying how shitty you guys are, I didn't want to believe it
but I knew it
Might as well close tab and check the archives tomorrow, this won't go anywhere
I knew it
Jesus fuck I love that song in the promo, it's literally the reason I downloaded episodes 1-4
File: 1390785816171.gif (1023.60 KB, 242x227)
1023.60 KB
1023.60 KB GIF
>This is my first time ever posting on this board
File: 1381812469606.jpg (89.70 KB, 625x626)
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89.70 KB JPG
nice b8 man
File: 1389059414984.jpg (62.27 KB, 720x681)
62.27 KB
62.27 KB JPG
>What should I do?

Lurk more faggot.
File: 1386211224856.png (119.90 KB, 622x626)
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119.90 KB PNG
File: 1381812552872.jpg (36.19 KB, 640x480)
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36.19 KB JPG
Is OP farming for the bait images with this thread?
File: hellobait.png (8.68 KB, 200x200)
8.68 KB
8.68 KB PNG
File: 1368508103321.png (218.39 KB, 500x500)
218.39 KB
218.39 KB PNG

Time to go back there kiddo.
File: take the bait.jpg (30.98 KB, 613x501)
30.98 KB
30.98 KB JPG
Not so subtle bait images request thread
File: Senbonbaitkura.png (103.86 KB, 622x626)
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103.86 KB PNG
File: 3953577.jpg (5.96 KB, 160x160)
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>I used to watch hentais
I'm not sure if you've realized but /v/ is cancer.
Report all shitposters
Sometimes I wonder, how would this thread be if I were to just ask "sub or dub" with a picture of dandy?
File: Spoiler Image (39.42 KB, 225x350)
39.42 KB
39.42 KB JPG
What about the Baitman?
File: 1381812616179.jpg (34.26 KB, 960x960)
34.26 KB
34.26 KB JPG
It's still gonna be b8 thread because I don't like you
You're fucking dead
File: thisisbait.gif (2.93 MB, 320x180)
2.93 MB
2.93 MB GIF
What OP really wants is to fill his b8 image folder
but anon, i already like y-you
>OP puts time and effort into making a thread
>OP doesn't put time and effort into lurking
>this happens
>lurk /a/
>manga which I have 0 interest in
yeah lurking sure helped
Not even /v/ is this retarded.
Fuck anon you sure know how to make a thread

>/v/ saying how shitty you guys are
That's cute
File: 1373665337875.png (300.26 KB, 628x525)
300.26 KB
300.26 KB PNG
Go back to /v/ then, why bother staying on /a/?
File: 1386950668993.jpg (254.21 KB, 1440x810)
254.21 KB
254.21 KB JPG
This board is not for you, then.
Go back to /v/
Didn't realize we only had three types of threads.

>Wow, after lurking I see that this board is just full of shitty posts that I don't like. I know what I should do! I should go ahead and make a post on here instead of fucking off to one of the other thousands of anime websites available which will actually provide helpful advice. WATASHA WA TENSAI DESU.
To be fair, /a/ is shit, so /v/ had that much right.

File: 1384780474286.png (115.09 KB, 506x509)
115.09 KB
115.09 KB PNG
File: 03 01.jpg (65.36 KB, 1280x720)
65.36 KB
65.36 KB JPG
Not going to work
you still replying so my ruse worked

as expected of /a/
File: 02 0'1.jpg (68.27 KB, 1280x720)
68.27 KB
68.27 KB JPG
Quality damage control

But you're not OP so this is irrelevant
nice damage control faggot
You know what rhymes with ruse?
Kill yourself
File: cockroach.jpg (33.51 KB, 640x415)
33.51 KB
33.51 KB JPG
Me neither, ever.
>I-I-I was just pretending to be retarded!
Nice damage control.
They should've made that into an OVA.

>Strongest swordsman in the series
>Dies offscreen

>All the PVs show and promise more action sequences
>OVA is released
>It's one hour of Togame and Shichika sitting at a dango shop on the side of the road talking about what happened.

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