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A little slowpoke here, but having heard a lot of good things about this show, I decided to finally give it a shot last week.

I'm up to episode 19 now and I do not understand how anyone can think this garbage is good.

I won't go through everything wrong about the show since I'm sure it's been brought up a billion times but let me just talk about this episode I just watched.

-Why didn't they fly over the earth wall?

-Leafa can block magic attacks from 3 casters. What the fuck?

-Kirito is said to have a useless illusion skill, yet somehow this thing makes him into that blue eyes demon shit from SAO and he completely destroys a group of tanks/healers/dpsers. Sounds legit.

-Kirito strikes a deal with the guy to get information out of him by offering him all the items and gold he got from that battle - this is suppose to be played out like it's part of Kirito's character but I think this is the first time I have ever seen him do this. He's been shown to be introverted and a loner but something happened between SAO and ALO where he became this way? This is also played out in an earlier episode of ALO about how he was joking about Leafa being the damsel-in-distress who would cry for him and this is never something portrayed in earlier episodes that this is how Kirito was before. Why did they just do a 180 with his personality? Oh and he bites her hand as a "joke", what the fuck.

-He seriously is giving up chasing Asuna when he's already wasted half his allotted time to stop some in-game meeting sabotage for some chick he barely knows? Where are his priorities? Oh wait he's still going to rescue Asuna in time even if he has to go grow a tree before he goes off to do it since he's Kirito so that's a wash.

I get that Kirito is Gary Stu in the show and I'm suppose to suspend my disbelief and accept his overpowered-ness for what it is and enjoy the Kirito Show, but this is just too much for me. Am I missing something or does the remaining 6 episodes somehow redeem this?
>A little slowpoke here, but having heard a lot of good things about this show

Go back to reddit.
>am I fitting in yet?
/a/ loves SAO, newfag.
>having heard a lot of good things about this show
I don't go to reddit though

Honestly? Google, LOL. I needed something to watch and this was apparently a big deal. There was hype about it back when it aired but I never got around to it.
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>but having heard a lot of good things about this show
The only one who thought it was great was my friend and he is retarded
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Get out

>I don't go to reddit though

You should. It'll fit you much better. Go there and never come back to /a/.
>fitting in fallacy
Next you'll tell me /a/ doesn't hate SAO.

Butthurt I insulted your favorite show?
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>-Why didn't they fly over the earth wall?
Why can't you fly anywhere but around cities and special zones in Aion?
Games have shitty restrictions that make no sense.

Your other two points are pretty weak too, its like you're getting mad at all the wrong things.

So I should accept the shit they are throwing in my face because Kirito is all cool and badass, and he can change personalities to fit all occasions?
Wait for season 2 where he [spoilers]wins the impossible to win game and slices bullets and stuff with a light saber in a gun game and where later aids-Chan will reck all and assuna is the mc but they still make kirito the mc and then he runs at the wall just because and dozens of other players get rekt[\spoilers]

Yes. Welcome to SAO.
No, you should have dropped the show already.

Well, that's pretty much the answer I was looking for. So this shit doesn't get better in 6 episodes. Good to know I can drop it then.

Thanks, back to reddit.

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