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What are you waiting for?
I am still waiting for the release of the live songs, damn ;_;
The festival ones are out if that's what you mean.

I'm waiting for the one from episode 1.
Looks like you will have to wait two more months

White Album, Sound of Destiny and Todokanai Koi by Yonezawa? Which CD was it?
Wow. Why the fuck would they do that.
Ah, that, i already have it. I was hoping for a new release/arrangement though. Thanks anyway.
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yeah, how slowpoke are you?

this >>101193873 is not in there.
Obviously to build even more hype
I know what you mean. Ever since I heard it in episode 1, I knew it was something I loved. Damn, they better release it in the one coming in March or I'll be severely disappointed.
Anyone already downloaded this http://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=497117 ?

Some guy on Nyaa said it has the White Album song from anime.
It has the version they play at the festival on episode 7, the jazzy one. We are all still waiting on the ending of episode 1 to eventually come out.
Who is the vocal in that song? VA from anime or same chick as >>101194147 ?
Not sure what you mean by that, but it's sung by Madoka Yonezawa (Setsuna's seiyuu).
I just watched all 13 episodes last night. What the fuck man!?

White Album 1 left a bad taste in my mouth with that abrupt ending and you people tell me I watched the wrong one then shit I watched White Album 2 and then I get the same shit and the same empty feeling White Album 1's ending gave me.
Welp, she sure sounds different in the anime, even on the concert episode.
It's the same person though. Most singers have a different singing voice anyway.
That's probably because the anime for WA2 only covered the introductory chapter of the VN when it looks like 80% of the WA2 VN is the closing chapter.
Are you sure?

Might be my hearing but this is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0F7kkeGuugY sounds like a different singer compared to this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6APzCc2E1Y4
WHITE ALBUM~Piano+Guitar Version

ripped from the game
sounds good
File: c798038package.jpg (284.13 KB, 500x500)
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284.13 KB JPG
Wait March to come out.

List of Tracks

♪. 届かない恋 ’13 / 上原れな
♪. さよならのこと / 上原れな
♪. closing ’13 / 上原れな
♪. After All~綴る想い~ ’13 / 上原れな
♪. Twinkle Snow ’13 / 津田朱里
♪. WHITE ALBUM Live at Campus Fes(TVanime ver.) / 小木曽雪菜 (CV.米澤円)
♪. SOUND OF DESTINY Live at Campus Fes(TVanime ver.) / 小木曽雪菜 (CV.米澤円)
♪. 届かない恋 Live at Campus Fes(TVanime ver.) / 小木曽雪菜 (CV.米澤円)
♪. 悪女 / 小木曽雪菜 (CV.米澤円)
♪. WHITE LOVE / 小木曽雪菜 (CV.米澤円) with 津田朱里
♪. I’m fallin’ in love / 小木曽雪菜 (CV.米澤円)
♪. 大切な君へ / 小木曽雪菜 (CV.米澤円)
♪. Free and Dream / 上原れな、津田朱里
他 全14曲程度収録予定
So still no White Album acoustic version, uh?
We're stuck with the acoustic version from the game
>♪. WHITE ALBUM Live at Campus Fes(TVanime ver.) / 小木曽雪菜 (CV.米澤円)

Please be JOKING. I swear I will personally ask yonezawa to sing if this isn't what I think it is.
acoustic? nope
be happy with this:
but WHY?
what is the difference between the anime and the games on the live at campus ver?

>people liking touma
guess /a/ was never known for its good taste
I thought you were talking about the acoustic version, you can only find the acoustic version of White Album that Setsuna sings in Ep1 in the game.
The festival version is easy to find, and anime and game version sound more or less the same, though I like game version more
No, I mean why would you re release the live at campus fes ver?
It's carbon copy of the one they release in the game soundtrack.

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