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Hey everyone. I'm trying to find a manga I read a few years back, but I've been shit out of luck. I don't think the manga is that popular, but I thought it was decent and want to read for nostalgia.

As for what it was about, I remember bits and pieces. Some kid was walking to school, sees guy get hit by a fuckin train, guy 100% fine like its fucking fine. Turns out the guy has amnesia, says his name his (blank) of the (blank) wind. Than some girl comes, says she's a detective, falls in love with train dude.

The kid had some friends from a while back, they got blamed for burning a school while he and this really creepy kid ditched them. Creepy kids grandad runs some weird company where they revive people, and train dude is one of those people.

The kid and his friends get captured by some yakuza dude, who spouts some shut about how his best friend put him in jail or something. Train dude comes, but he's like a robot and the kid starts trying to beat him up or something.

That's all I can remember... Any ideas?
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