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Happy Birthday Akari!
How does Aria compare to Tamyura and K-on?

it's pure healing magic

watch that shit
It's overrated. It also has one of those hugbox fanbases that pretend to be gentlemanly to each other.
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I've only watched the first season of K-on and it holds true to cute girls doing cute things. Need to go watch Tamayura.
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Havent seen Tamyura but its different to K-on.
K-on is less about world build/ immersion
ARIA brings you to neo venezia and gives you a magical feeling.

Happy birthday to my waifu!
i've worn akari goggles everyday since I watched episode two of ARIA the natural and i found the treasure of my heart.
File: 003.jpg (287.49 KB, 818x1200)
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Oh, my bad. I thought you were asking about the other two, not Aria. It's a great slice of life with loveable characters, episodic short stories and a nice OST. Also refer to >>101191308
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I'll fite u m8 Just kidding, superb tastes my friend.
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Aria and Tamayura are similar in the relaxing feeling they invoke. I loved Tamayura very much but Aria was just a step beyond.
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I can't get into Tamyura like I can with other iyashikei. What's wrong with me and how do I fix it? Is it because my favorite healing show is Sketchbook and the main character has a camera? Is a camera no good?
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Haven't posted this in a while
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You won't get me, I resigned myself to the harsh reality already. ;_;
Nothing will ever topple Aria when it comes to iyashikei or SoL. Nonetheless, both are great but what sets Aria apart from other SoLs is the fact that it presents the coming of age theme nonchalantly and with closure, at that.

Funny, it's the same for me as well but with Hidamari Sketch.
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File: 022.jpg (296.03 KB, 830x1208)
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Yup. The coming of age episodes/chapters hit so hard and so close to home.
I haven't really read Aria, I just know about it. What do these Prima Undines do when they're older? Are there old ladies or even men who give those boat tours, because it seems like something pretty young women do.
It just seems like a dead-end job to me.
File: 023-024.jpg (614.41 KB, 1654x1200)
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I wouldn't say their job is the main focus of the story, more like a plot device.
They become call girls.
File: 025.jpg (195.64 KB, 818x1200)
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File: 026.jpg (290.91 KB, 818x1200)
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>What do these Prima Undines do when they're older? Are there old ladies or even men who give those boat tours, because it seems like something pretty young women do.
>It just seems like a dead-end job to me.

They probably move on to management part of the undine business. Although a select few manage to get to work for the Gondola Association.
File: 027-028.jpg (556.51 KB, 1652x1200)
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556.51 KB JPG
But I'm concerned about their futures.
File: 029.jpg (310.50 KB, 818x1200)
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File: 030.jpg (303.11 KB, 818x1200)
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Then please watch/read the series and find out. What happens to them is a real tearjerker.
File: 031.jpg (243.79 KB, 818x1200)
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File: p-dialy392.jpg (50.49 KB, 300x400)
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And done. If Akari joined ARIA Company at age 15 and Aqua's release was 2001, she is now 28 years old.
Pretty sure they get some sort of pension once they retire from Prima work.
File: 1337271677330.png (102.23 KB, 461x523)
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102.23 KB PNG
I don't want to read about that just yet. I finished watching Animation months ago, and I don't want it to end ;_;

On a related note, there's a great new piece of art on pixiv if you look up Akari. Sadly, the artist didn't say what software he/she used, which irks me.

Grandma(Akino) did it until she was was pretty well on. I think it's more the norm to move on like Alicia and Athena did, moving into other fields or becoming housewives but there's clearly a precedent for sticking to it.
File: 41270013.jpg (589.10 KB, 1600x900)
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You'll have to eventually! I had a different outlook on life after I finished it.

I love the detail on the background. We don't get much of that. And perhaps you can ask the artist?
File: 41267645.jpg (240.53 KB, 900x1052)
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Is this it?

File: 1382432900144.jpg (204.42 KB, 708x1000)
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204.42 KB JPG
Yes, adult Akari is indeed wonderful.
>And perhaps you can ask the artist?
I can't be bothered, to be honest. Hell, I can't even draw properly yet, let alone shading and skin tones. Time will come.

>You'll have to eventually!
I know, I know. I'm still slowly reading through Yotsuba whenever I feel rather sad; and I just finished the second volume. Although I am looking forward to getting copies of Aria so I can read them in the future, so there's that.

There are a few birthday images, but that's not it; it's the previous image. I still need to get the hang of glows, highlights and shades.
If only the VN have a translation ;_;
File: 1375740294149.jpg (197.17 KB, 485x620)
197.17 KB
197.17 KB JPG
Happy birthday Akari!
There's a VN? Missed those. They are on PS2, right? You could learn basic Japanese and work from there with a dictionary, slowly getting faster and faster with your searches and reading. I wish I could help you there, but I'm rather busy with everything else.

Who's next on the birthday list?
File: 614611.jpg (119.50 KB, 539x709)
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There are two Aria VNs.

Aika's. 2nd of February.

I see. I just assumed you drew because people don't usually care about what program was used.
>I just assumed you drew because people don't usually care about what program was used.
I'm rather curious as to what the limits of some programs would be. I can never get the hang of photoshop, and I'm often surprised as to how great the results look like with SAI.
File: giga_animehq_163.jpg (782.44 KB, 1243x1728)
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What would be the total budget required to remake Aria by a more modern animation studio? I can't help but dream ;_;

Just imagine how much more gorgeous it would be in modern standards.
File: 2755558.jpg (213.92 KB, 600x800)
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213.92 KB JPG
Or animated as it was drawn in the manga.

That's neat. I've never used anything other than paint.
File: 3472262.jpg (245.71 KB, 1103x1558)
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What would be the best birthday present for Akari?

Seeing as how she's so perfect many thing pale in comparison.

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