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You lost me.
Hello flower Yuuka
Insert what?
So if I insert money I get milk? But how much? I don't see a price tag anywhere.
titjobs are useless and boring
always skip them
That's called being gay, son
I love breasts, they're great to look at and all but they're not for sticking your dick inbetween, it's awkward, it doesn't feel as good as a blowjob or anal or fellatio or even a handjob, I think, they can't they're not as navigable
what I ultimately always cum to is the vaginal part
I always try to time my climax with the MC or the girl
everything before the vaginal intercourse is useless to an extent but titjobs are the worst
>implying you have a valued opinion
You're just so god damn experienced anon
I wish I could get blowjobs and hard dickings every single night
>faggot detected
Normalfag shit: Titjobs feel fucking great, better than a blowjob or handjob by far.

Anal feels better than pretty much anything else.
>not paizuri the best girl
Where's the fish?
File: image.jpg (92.57 KB, 1280x720)
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Oh shit yes.
>Paizuri thread
>no Arekishi
The fuck /a/?
File: 1375577106453.png (630.12 KB, 807x1000)
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I think it depends on your sensitivity. I feel pretty much nothing unless the girl is pretty much inflicting some recoverable damage to my dick.

Hell, the only time I enjoyed a blowjob was when she started choking on my dick and her throat slammed shut.

What I'm saying is that some people probably can't feel the texture you're talking about.
>lolis with giant breasts

At what point does it stop being a loli and start being a midget? And more importantly does it actually matter?

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