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I could be descriptive, but....


You are woken up by Suit. At gunpoint, you are dragged out of your house into a horse-drawn hearse. You wonder what might be in the casket, though, on entering, you notice nothing but a bunch of copies of "Qualia of the Purple" and "Millionaire Girl." Asking if you can take "Tower of God," since, perhaps, this might be an anime gathering, the gun is pushed into your arm, to your discomfort. Your realize this description is getting boring, so you flip the page.

You are in a strange and mystical land full of elves, fairies, dragons, slimes, dwarves, xenophobic humans, and strangely European-themed architecture (which means it was Mongolian-themed since they took over Europe whites are the inferior race). Armed with a truck full of your favorite manga, anime, and games, your job is to exterminate every last trace of the native culture and replace it with a consumerist variant of tittytainment so that the elite 0.01% can move in and act with impunity. Indeed, it would not be an exaggeration to say that you must make Westerners out to be like gods, and the women of the land will be thrown unto you as religious offerings, and the fruits of your slaves' labor will be... you get it.

You have to exterminate what your employer views as a xenophobic and backwards culture. You have unlimited funds to do it. You have all the military resources of the United States at your disposal. How do you do it?

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