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itt: Its only cream
Sage for pedophilia.
Says the pedophile.
mhm jummy leck its Konota
age for obvious reasons.
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Generic insult.
Sup Richard Steve Goldberg.
Are you still at large?
Says the one who goes after little girls.
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Wtf is with all those moralfags ? ANN invasion ?
File: 1205046110357.jpg (80 KB, 640x480)
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Loli thread anyone?
File: 1205046137234.jpg (176 KB, 540x635)
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So you're lolicon
File: 1205046236910.jpg (243 KB, 480x700)
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Well? What do you say boys?
File: 1205046260510.jpg (208 KB, 1365x2000)
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I second this motion
File: 1205046303741.jpg (93 KB, 441x500)
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Nice one
File: 1205046399369.jpg (355 KB, 1280x960)
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Mai Maido
File: 1205046489679.jpg (211 KB, 500x700)
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Ok then! Loli thread go!
File: 1205046508760.jpg (134 KB, 867x1000)
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Welcome to /a/ and about half of anime fans in general regardless of whether they will admit it, because it is a big social taboo, but it is not illegal. You find something appealing about the loli. The executive branch HAET loli and will automatically associate it with pedophilia, which is many time just not the case. I love loli, but IRL lolis aren't appealing to me at all, they are completely different. IRL I'd rather have a healthy girl near my age, but in anime I like the lolis, and this isn't a problem.

Originally I felt the same as you, like I was a bad person. You aren't a bad or evil person for liking drawings and depictions of young girls.

If I have to be serious cat for a second here, try to find out if you are pedo IRL. When I explored this and realized 3d little girls don't have any type of moe or typical loli traits and I was definitely not attracted to them, it was a lot easier of a pill to swallow. Even if you ARE pedo, that is just fine too, as long as you understand what the law says you can and cannot do. If you are simply attracted to anime lolicon, that's just easy. So are half of people who watch anime. It is not evil to look at drawings which were not made from real CP. It is odd and can be considered deviant, but it is simply not "wrong" or "evil," just different. If you turn out to be a pedo IRL, just keep it to yourself.
File: 1205046539718.jpg (121 KB, 409x550)
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Now posting loli in a loli thread
age for loli
Needs moar Usa
i'd rather be a faggot then a pedophile,

but by all means don't stop posting

I'd rather be a pedophile, easier to hide kids in your basement than grown men.
Pedophiles are human too.

Most people think pedophiles are child rapists.
That is wrong.
Most child rapists are not pedophiles.

Rape is about power domination, children would be perfect targets.

If pedophilia is a sickness then everything else is also a sickness.

Taken from Gaia.
Inb4 sage for Gaiafag.
Fucking kids, regardless of consent, is rape.
It's like saying just because you fuck dogs doesn't mean you're into beastiality.
I do hate pedos, but I'm tolerant to whatever taste people have here because IT'S NOT FUCKING REAL IT'S CARTOONS PEOPLE
I don't care what the fuck you fap to as long as it's not hurting anyone.
Don't talk about things that are way bigger than you, pedophile.

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