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File: fuck wad.jpg (17 KB, 225x208)
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Makoto is a fuck wad, and this show disgusts me.
In before the faggots who love sucking Makoto's cock.
lol animesuki trolls are the dumbest of trolls
It's a horrible show in the beginning, but soon it will dawn on you that you are watching a masterpiece.
In my opinion, School Days is the best anime ever made. Why? Because i can relate to it as a person on so many levels. I too was a misunderstood as akid. What i love most is how it shows an almost complete hatred of MANkind and to that i can totally relate. I don’t wan’t to give away too much, It’s best to go into this one blind i think.

The Animation quality is good, the characters are great, you feel for most of the people in the story. It does a good job at telling a very twisted tail. I prefer to watch most anime subtitled, mostly because of the inflections, and the speech of the native japanese is so much more expressive. You really owe it to yourself to see this, especially if you are on the fence with anime because you think it’s so fluffy, gay, and childish or what not. This will slap you in the face.

What really won me over on this anime? THE GORE. This is one of the bloodiest cartoons i have ever seen. It is a blood bath in parts. Supernatural HORROR! My favorite genre ever. This pegs it on most accounts for me. I really was blown away by this. Not many things make me cry when i watch them, this did. This is a heavy heavy heavy story. And for that i tip my hat. give this a 10 out of 10.

If we are sons of God, then god must had a lot of women to have that much of sons.
To have such huge number of womens, God should be quite a pimp, the biggest pimp ever.
But we know who is the best pimp ever.
God = Makoto
What's the matter, too DEEP for you?
Hey Janitorfag that's up right now. Do your job.
This is the problem with Makotofags. They try so hard that they bump a thread that's 3 hours old.
It never fails to make me lol when somebody calls School Days a masterpiece. Good job.
14 year old review.
Tail? You meant tale you piece of shit. Fuck you and your fucking parents for letting you stay up at night you mother fucking asshole.
School Days is the worst shit ever.

School Rumble on the other hand is a master piece.
I think there's a reason that was a sage.
Also, you forgot yours.
I forget to sage when I RAGE.
That was actually funny, because it's true. School Days is still a guilty pleasure because it's just ridiculous and everybody knows it.

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