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Walk into restaurant
See this

What do you do?
File: yamakan_saving_the_air.gif (378.36 KB, 480x272)
378.36 KB
378.36 KB GIF
Ask him to save my wallet by buying me a dinner.
>Buys me dinner
>Says it is going to be steak
>Food comes out
>Nasty looking steak and smells awful
>He says this what a real steak looks like unlike what I normally like
>New TV drama 'Tomorrow Mom is gone' dropped because all the sponsors are gone
> Yamakan 'Tomorrow my desk is gone'

OP, did you even understand what you posted?
No explain to me further.
Find Shinbo and start throwing wads of cash at him while laughing.
There was recently a new japanese drama called 'Ashita okaasan ga inai', about a young girl her mother abandonned and who gets placed in an institution for orphans. But the depiction of the institution was so horrid (telling the children to cry in front of the visitors etc), and it was so easy to locate which institution they were depicting, that there were claims saying that they were lying and giving an harmful image of those kind of institutions to the public. The drama was once suspended, then all the sponsors dropped.
The image you posted is a parody because the title was reused. 'Tomorrow my desk is gone', or Yamakan losing his job.
Turn 360 degrees and walk out of there.

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