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Day 50
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Chapter 239
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Chapter 240
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Ai is best girl, as evidenced here.
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Ai is love.
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Chapter 241
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My favorite time of the day is here
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Do you like Katteni Kaizo, Desmond?
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Until tomorrow

Do you have any idea what happens when someone who's had no luck for 17 years suddenly has his work turned into an anime and is awarded a manga prize?
The answer: "He dies."
It's more like the plot of a TV drama. There are little death flags all over the place.
It makes my skin crawl to think about what kind of unhappiness is around the corner after all this good fortune.
The devil is actually after me. In all the different ways, too: Signs come falling down on streets I often walk on, there was an explosion near a revolving sushi place I go to a lot, and the eel from my lunchbox that I just ate was from China.
I guess it could also be true that I traded my soul with the devil for an animation contract for this series. Hey, which one of you said something clever like "Animating a comic is like selling your soul"?
Well anyway, this means that this animation is something that I traded life for; something that I wagered my soul on. So if it doesn't come out well, it means that soul will be in a very bad state. However, I'm sure that anime created by gurus, whose souls are in a very good state, will be fantastic. I'm sure it will lead to a feature length film that will draw the crowds without any promotion.
More importantly, I have no interest in allowing myself to be simply killed off like this. The brainwashing war between me and the devil has begun.
Oh devil, if you are so intent on killing me, maybe I'll just go ahead and end it before you can get me!

Not really.
File: 1390773998120.gif (10.95 KB, 125x125)
10.95 KB
10.95 KB GIF
I see your point
Chapter 114
File: 1374633976890.jpg (76.77 KB, 887x1097)
76.77 KB
76.77 KB JPG
>He dies
OH man
Thanks for the dumps, as always. I've been reading on and off for a bit when I catch you, but I'm still working through the anime (Zan, episode 6). Is there a chapter that I should start on once finished, or should I just read whatever's TLed since it seems that the anime sporadically picks chapters rather than adapting volumes sequentially.
Read it all.
Thank you for reading.

Sorry About the 420 Yen (1/2)

Crude oil is expensive. Even for manga artist, it's a matter for life and death. Does everyone know how, after oil shocks, the size of comic magazines shrinks so small it's hard to imagine?
And of course, unneeded manga get cut out. That's why I roam the streets as an unwanted child.
It's another example of how anglo-saxon money games destroy the life of a poor manga artist.
This is the state of the world.
Sakurai-san, please do something. None of the friends of my friends are Al Qauda. Actually, I just don't have any friends.

Since the price of living has gone up, I've been thinking about prices. Is 420 yen for a comic book expensive? It is cheap?
Some people will probably think it's expensive and some will think it's cheap.
Either way, there's no way that this volume that you all bought is worth the 420 yen that you spent.
The most valuable part of it isn't the content, but probably the Luxurious quality of the cover paper (which is actually where the costs go for printing and why we can't print more pages).
If the price of oil keeps going up, we may have to start using recycled leaflets for the cover.
Or maybe I'll scribble the comic on the back of the leaflet, and the leaflet will be the cover.
Well then, how can we justify the cover price of 420 yen?
I think the problem is in considering it the value of the manga itself.
What if we though about it as consolation money for me?
File: 11989870.jpg (71.73 KB, 915x604)
71.73 KB
71.73 KB JPG
Thanks for the dumps as always
It's you all consoling me and pretending to like a manga that I'm basically so ashamed of that I don't want anyone to read.
If you think about Megumi Okina's consolation money, 420 yen doesn't seem expensive at all.
I'm already negotiating with Kodansha to see if they can change the category of "manga fee" on my paycheck to "consolation money."
But if someone asked me how much was reasonable to receive for being forced to read a boring comic book. there's no was that 420 yen would be enough...
Sorry about the 420 yen.
People who like to talk trash say things like, "I have no idea how that awful manga with its messed-up drawings manages to sell copies," but my fans actually don't buy the comic for the character drawings, but instead for the pages with cute designs. For cute designs, 410 yen is cheap! I can't even draw cute designs.
I wish I could apologize for each copy printed. They can only print as many copies as I can apologize for individually.
Is there a color version?

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