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Arpeggio of Blue Steel thread
Chapter 53 english is here

File: 20140130111622.jpg (571.76 KB, 1920x1049)
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571.76 KB JPG
File: 347.jpg (141.36 KB, 840x350)
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Well the anime also implied Iona=AC(i assume anime staff get the info from Ark)
File: 20140130113613.jpg (383.17 KB, 734x1048)
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Poor Nachi
>Ch53 is on crunchy
>Batoto only has up to ch51

Chapter 52 where?
Check the archive. Or I can upload in a while, but it might take some time to figure out where the fuck I saved it.
Wait, this is free? Seriously?
CR saved anime and is now saving manga
Thank you anon
Until we have a proper HorribleSubs equivalent, I turned my laptop 90 degrees and took some screenshots.
Though I guess the resolution is probably too low for most people.
It ain't 'here' until there's a download.
File: Yes.jpg (66.41 KB, 455x342)
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>Ionas dream dress

This needs to happen more often.
Anime spoiled something again?
When did the anime imply that? Did it go entirely over my head? Cause I don't remember the anime really delving into what AC is at all.
Nah it's Haguro
Poor midget
File: 1390577551328.jpg (147.88 KB, 640x640)
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File: 1382278599680.png (86.29 KB, 1550x913)
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I need more of her.
Iona should wear that dress more often.
>squid zuikaku
>they have EXP tables on the network
Huh, CR is doing Arpeggio now?
>checks their manga series

Oh shit, they are doing Spirit Circle too
>402 casually wanders around the slums, breaking things and blowing holes in walls

Reaaaal subtle there 402.
Holy crap. That dress is madokami-tier. Except that we'll never get a figure.

And that reveal. The plot seems to be picking up pace.
Agreed, she looks very classy, like Yamato.

It's a good look for her.
File: number 2 grin.png (151.34 KB, 659x302)
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151.34 KB PNG
>their faces
Holy shit, I just realized those things around her are the Bismarcks.

The moon and the sun.
look at her dress. takao, haruna, kirishima, maya... basically everyone is on there.
I guess we can say Iona is related to AC somehow now.
It's just coincident.
>self-diagnostic program
>beneath the consciousness of my mental model
It was a part of Iona.
not sufficiently powerlevel-hiding
That was the shittiest reader I've ever used.
>It's just coincident.
>bismark sisters were the last to witness AC
>fog symbols all over the place
highly unlikely. moon and star are important symbolism, you don't just throw that around arbitrarily.
So the Bismarkcs know Iona is (possibly) AC, but they haven't told anyone since presumably Yamato and Musashi don't know.

Wonder what their angle is; so many questions...
More like every fogs take a symbol from her.
She is tactical network not AC.
it's acceptable in portrait. supports arrow keys at least
File: 1388597612917.jpg (27.89 KB, 227x256)
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>no fog theater
CR in charge of translations
File: 41077718_big_p0.jpg (159.71 KB, 600x500)
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thank you
We need a fog symbol table
I never got this until I saw this over here. I must be really retarded or something.
In fact, I still don't get it.
I get that Iona is obviously some central figure of the fog, but beyond that, whether that is AC, I don't see how we can make that connection. AC has a mental model somewhere else, right? Wearing that space suit?
File: 1390918435305.jpg (530.29 KB, 589x800)
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>needs to be painted
I'll pass. Call me when they make a kongou figure.
File: CGD2-79203.jpg (49.16 KB, 450x278)
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