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Hop step jump, drew draw drawn, chips sy- “wait Fujisaki-san what are you doing? Wait don’t touch that! Ahh-….” This is how my 14th birthday started. I didn’t understand what was going on, or why Fujisaki-san was jumping on me like that, but something inside me told it was going to be one of those days where I wished I was just a regular girl. Fujisaki invited me to cook with her in the cooking room where she told me to meet her there before school started to make me a birthday cake, so I decided to go ahead and meet her there. She was waiting inside the room alone fidgeting around like a little kid, a side of her I never seen before, so I peeked in and asked her if anything was the matter. She was crying and I didn’t know why, but she looked really upset about something. When I called out her name, she stared right at me with her giant wet eyes and red face covered in tears, clinging onto my shirt still sobbing. I held onto her to comfort her as much as I could, holding back my tears trying not to make the situation worst. After a while she finally collected herself and explained to me that she was going to move schools to further study her dances. She told me that her family just told her yesterday and she would have to leave all her friends forever. She covered her face with her hands to hold back her tears, and there was nothing I could do.

It's AmuxFuji do i proceed?
I didn’t want to see my friend cry any longer, so I tried to lighten the mood and suggested that we spend the last of our moments happy and together. She quickly smiled to me and wiped her tears off her face. She then nodded at my idea and grabbed her apron on the stool, and we began to start baking the cake in the oven, and when we finally finished, we had enough material to make a second, smaller cake just for us. “Now we just need the icing on the cake, so how about you character change with Su to make this extra special?” I thought it was a great idea, so I changed to Amulet Clover and span around with a large pot in my hands flinging around icing, strangely none of it got anywhere besides the cake, and the cake was complete in a matter of seconds. I signed and laid on the table grabbing the edge of the other side, bending over to create a nice little bed for me to lie on. I turned my head to Fujisaki and she smiled, pointing on the cream puff laying on my nose. I laughed, then she laughed, then I tried to lick it off really having no control of where it was going. I didn’t know how, or maybe I wasn’t paying attention, but the next thing I knew is that Fujisaki was sucking on my nose, using the tip of her tongue ticking me, slowly pulling off me with a thin trail of saliva hook onto my nose to her lips. She blushed, then I blushed, and before I knew it, she jumped on me, pinning my hands to the table and started kissing me. I had no idea what was going on, I guess I was scared because this was the first time anyone had kiss me on the lips, so I closed my eyes the entire time, feeling her warm lips on mine, moistening my lips tasting a sweet strawberry taste in my mouth, probably from the lipbom she was wearing.

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