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File: Hamatora%2B02a[1].jpg (87.68 KB, 1280x720)
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87.68 KB JPG
Hamatora Thread. Dat Honey/Three duo!
File: 1305962175283.jpg (163.92 KB, 728x1107)
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163.92 KB JPG
Someday I'll find all 4 fans.
Haven't downloaded it, beginning now.
File: 26369340.jpg (152.70 KB, 542x711)
152.70 KB
152.70 KB JPG
Do you like detective/mystery shows?
I mean haven't downloaded ep 4.
Some of the abilities are just too silly and uncreative.

But I'll still watch the shit out of this show for the two lolis.
File: 27923473_p1.jpg (296.92 KB, 657x909)
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296.92 KB JPG
It was a great episode.
I can agree on that, mostly to Nice's super speed.
My side is orbiting.
I love how insecure/angry he was about the CM.
I noticed a bit of QUALITY in this episode but it was a decent one so far.
I haven't seen many Hamatora Threads. It's not very popular I guess. But I think it's gonna be one of the few good shows this season.
Why is Ratio-chan lines so good?
This show is great, the kind of normal-great. It's not AOTS tier feeling to it or anything (neither do every show in this season), but It certainly fun and entertaining. But why is this show get so little viewers?
Also, it seem like watching anime on phone while on bed is better than watching on your PC monitor. Small screen makes it easier to read the sub and watch the scene at the same time, also kinda hide the QUALITY too.
As long as the five of us join together in these threads, it's all good. Just like for UN-GO.
this nigga's coat makes me constantly feel like my screen has been magnetised. it's unnerving as fuck
File: 1307361460099.jpg (64.03 KB, 340x426)
64.03 KB
64.03 KB JPG
Or maybe it is!
That VA!
Watching it on phone also reduce the effect of filter, it's actually make the filter better and feel stylish. First because of smaller screen, second is my monitor is shittier than my phone screen.
NotShogo is really the best part of the show.
Its like I'm really watching Psycho Pass. I wonder when we'll see more of eating-chan
File: nice.gif (2.58 MB, 300x169)
2.58 MB
2.58 MB GIF
Im about to watch the 4th ep now
File: Hamatora.jpg (120.76 KB, 804x731)
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120.76 KB JPG
Just finished the episode and It was pretty good,best one so far. Im hoping for a hajime episode soon. At least we got to see a female minimum holder

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