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Have you tried writing your own story, /a/?
When I was 12 sure, it was chuuni shit.

Now no.
why should i when the animation department is lacking and boring nowadays unlike the 90s where everyone worked together besides using flash crap. Name 10 cartoons you see on American television. Omit anime.
I have about 450 pages of stream of consciousness written. And about 5 of a sci-fi story that I never intended to be a sci-fi.
It's already in HnK.
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>stream of consciousness
When I was in 8th grade, basically SAO
The story about some really cool kid who doesn't have any friends because he's too cool for them getting sucked into an online game, as I was playing RO at the time, who met this really pretty girl and saved her from some shit.
I was self-inserting real hard, every fight scene was basically just the MC doing something no one else will ever be capable of doing.
besides, if your art is great and detailed, there is a chance they will shoehorn you and decline your offer in an animation position because you're too good for them. face it, they only except amateurs and hipsters who only do noodle arms. that pedophile Stuart at CN is always harassing and wants real action, but they fail because why, it's nothing but an embarrassment and goes nowhere. And he hates cartoons? Disney is nothing but a steaming pile a shit since it only has three (or two) cartoons right now. Nick is Spongbob Network all the time whoring advertisements for the show instead of others. Nicktoons is a wreck. Toon Disney is a wreck. Boomerang is a wreck and I don't even like those crappy shows. and whoever thought laugh tracks were a good idea back then, is a moron.
I did once,It's about a female knight going to kill the queen of darkness while helping her her former allies
She died multiple times,Revived,Turned into a loli and almost got raped by tentacles
Currently writing one.

It's hard to work up the motivation to write the less fun parts, though. Maybe one day I'll finish it.
I used to write a lot when I was younger but these days it is hard to find the time and energy to do so, and I have zero confidence in my ideas not being shitty
It's a page or two a day of spewing thoughts into notepad to warm up.
I'm afraid it would be Twilight-level writing.
I tried writing short stories.

Made me realize how hard it is to make look something as genuine as I'd hope.
It's all been erotica
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You could motivated yourself by trying to start with a shitty concept only you'd like and try to execute it so well that it doesn't matter.

Hell, Haganai and Strike Witches could be considered to be a literary masterpiece if you execute the premise correctly.
If you make shit and know why its shit, it'll help you figure out how to avoid making shit in the future.
Like for anime? No not really. I'm better at drawing realistically than cartooning styles but that's not saying much. I'm just not a good drawer in general. I do write short stories and I've written a book that was 65k words long (and am currently writing one I want to be twice as long), but I do my best to make my stories and books stories and books. I find a lot of people write to make their books basically action shows or films or video games on paper. I don't like reading those kinds of stories, but I digress.

So yes, yes I have. And if and when I get my first book published (should be soon) and if it does alright enough to get a movie adaptation (which is a pipe dream but a writer can dream, can't he) then I want to do my damnest to make it animated. I'm thinking something like Shaft.
Yes alot
That doesn't look much like an AK-47. Besides, why would our lord and savior be using such a hethen weapon as that. A proper Israeli gun is much more suited :P.
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>And if and when I get my first book published (should be soon)
I started to write a story about going into a VR world but playing as loli.

Then I realized that I spend a fuckton of time describing things, and after like twelve pages my character (who is a blatant self-insert) still hadn't left the starting room. That's not super-wordy, but it's too long-form for something that's going to be posted on 4chan, and I can't imagine anywhere else I could post a story about being a loli.

Oh well.
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I am trying to do it right now but you faggots keep distracting me with your faggotry! Go to sleep already so I can concentrate.

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