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Reminder that SamFlam's VA ships Mizuki and Hazama.

Also, Samurai Flamenco thread.
Will things ever start making sense?
They look so well together I ship them too.

Why doesn't Mari like Hazama?
Hazama is literally a male model.
I think that she actually likes him. That's why she is so obsessed trying to convince herself to hate him because denial.

Look how she hugged Goto while hearing Hazama's voice in the TV. Like she didn't want to hear him and want to oblige herself to like someone else.
I want to know who he ships in zexal.
Mizuki's VA is really the best. She was excellent as Lin in DD Hokuto no Ken.
So are we gonna get mindraped tomorrow?
Seems like we're in an every other episode mindrape cycle. So I'm thinking... probably not given we got our mindrape last ep.
Yeah, i think you are right. Tomorrow will be another "lol wow fuckin dropped this shit" episode.
I honestly have no idea what will happen tomorrow. I can't think of any other anime that left me this clueless about where it's going next.
I can tell you where it's not going next:
>Goto's GF is dead
>Mari x Goto
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>Goto's gf
>not dead
Anon, you're so right.
She has actually been turned evil by From Beyond.
She will only die after this is revealed.
Takahiro is writing tomorrows episode (he wrote the bounty episode,guillotine guerrilla and episode 10) so expect lots of suffering.

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