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File: idols.jpg (1.57 MB, 5000x2945)
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Who's the best idol?
All of them are the best. But only Iori is the bestest of the best.
I don't know the majority of the bottom two lines.
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File: 1375800523691.jpg (276.05 KB, 1061x1500)
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Here's the purest idol.
File: prr-ann.gif (1.83 MB, 500x281)
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Aikatsu and Pretty Rhythem Rainbow Live.
Yayoi strong.
File: 27024724.jpg (357.38 KB, 1024x852)
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File: prr otoha smile.jpg (148.53 KB, 800x1000)
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Meant to quote >>101170622
File: Honoka32.png (555.28 KB, 774x433)
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Honoka Kousaka
-One of the best singer
-Has won Center position in 3 PVs.
-Yuri Swag. Can any other Idol claim they made the entire Group her harem?

Someone teach this girl how to sit in a chair correctly. Kids these days.
File: aikatsu yurika self.jpg (318.12 KB, 700x888)
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318.12 KB JPG

You were born 900 years too early to correct Yurika-sama for her seating posture.
>-Has won Center position in 3 PVs.

Because main character status. If any of the other girls won 3, or even 2, of the 6, then that would have been impressive.

I don't think that makes as much sense as you think it does. You're suggesting I have 900 years of too much experience to be correcting her. The correct phase is "You're 900 years too early to be correcting .. "blah blah, which implies that I have 900 years too few.
File: RedLeader2.jpg (528.69 KB, 800x800)
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In an ideal world.
1. All the 2d Idol Groups would participate in the Love Live. It would be like going to the Nationals in Saki.
2. Honoka and Haruka host a radio show. Awkward moment ensures when Ichigo, Aoi, Chihaya and Umi find Honoka on top of Haruka.
3. Chihaya, Umi, Aoi and Yoshino sit uncomfortably while talking about their beloved red leaders.
4. Naru and Rinne visits Tokyo with their new friends Yukiho and Arisa.
5. YukiMako, RinHana double deito.
6. Chihaya gets dragged on stage with the wrong group when they mistake her for one of their own.
7. Aoi and Ichigo cheer on 765 from the crowd.
8. Nanami complaining about Tokyo Big City People while Minami follows her around. Ends up meeting Yayoi and Iori. Iori takes them to her mansion for a banquet. Nanami and Iori lovingly look at their partners while they stuff themselves full.
9. Azuki and Matcha perform 'Tobidase Jugyou' alongside Shiho, Ran, Kanako and Uzuki.
10. Hibiki, Yurika and Ranko sing 'Kyun Vampire Girl'
11. Eli, Arisa and Moka perform 'Oata ga yorushikutte...yo'
12. Shiho, Megumi, Yayoi and Nico perform 'Yuruyurararayuruyuri DAIJIKEN!'
13. Kotori stays over at Kotori's house for a night...where she finds Adult Kotori's collection of Yuri Fantasies. She turns around to find a Adult Kotori behind her. Minami is forcefully interrogated about her relationship with Honoka and Umi.
14. Naru meets Maki and Ran. Awkwardness ensures.
15. Producer/Ritsuko meets Matsuda/Tange over dinner where they discuss the Idol Industry.
16. Kaya, Nozomi and Azusa get lost in Tokyo.
17. Todo from A-Rise, YuriKO and Serika perform ' GIRL BRAND NEW STYLE OH YEAH!' or 'Choose me mai darringu!'
18. Hanayo, Nico, Aoi and Miyu go to see AKB00048.
19. A Karaoke Contest between Miyu and Kotori's maid cafes.
20. Eli and Mitsuki sing 'only my Railgun' and 'Fuwa Fuwa Time'
File: Spoiler Image (457.19 KB, 800x972)
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457.19 KB JPG
And what a lovely MC she is.
File: 575f.png (379.92 KB, 623x348)
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We need a second season this time with 24 minute episodes.

And maybe more Mugi-chan.

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