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Seriously, is there a reason why he's in the story? I can understand why Dan-kun is in it because, hey, he's Dan-kun.
He's the normal character.

Also serves as a possible love interest or a mysterious, powerful ally.
He makes Tama-chan's papa very paranoid.
Tama's love interest?
They needed an excuse to have Dan and Miya join, probably
He's The One Guy
He is Sekai Yuuji
He's the self-insertion characters for all the /a/nons with the delusion that they're normal.
He'll kick ass in the men's group bracket with Dan and the two guys who never come.
If he wasn't in the show, there wouldn't be anyone to be gay for
He's the normal guy.
The no-problems guy.
The guy that everyone looks for when they're in trouble.
T/L note: Sekai means world
they'd still need one more
You can still enter with 4 people. I think.
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don't say normal!
yeah pretend Tama is a boy
File: 1205040443134.jpg (39 KB, 720x480)
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Tama-chan papa should be paranoid. Anonymous here wants to rape her feet. Men are perverts. Even Yuji. Even Dan-kun.
The all around normal guy that allows male viewers to insert themselves into the story.
I imagine he maybe at one point played a bigger role as the protagonist the viewers identified with and got demoted; similar to what happened to Kentarou Nara in School Rumble...but thats just my guess.
Hes also Sunohara no?
no, Sunohara is pretty dog
Thanks to him we can have Daisuke Sakaguchi in the show. So shut up.
It seems I'm naturally attracted to character's voiced by him

Nah, if anyone got demoted, its Kamina-sensei. Yugi-kun always seemed minor supporting character material to me.
> The all around normal guy that allows male viewers to insert themselves into the story.

This keeps coming up. It's a steaming pile. Do people really do this?

I watch anime in the third person, and I always have.
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I want to be Kirino.
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He's too moe to resist.
well I don't think people are actually imagining themselves as Yuji, it's just about having a character who you can identify with. Someone somewhat normal who asks the questions you might ask and react in ways similar to what you would. Thus why a lot animu star nerds, and geeks who don't know how to react around women.


*goes to search for mango*

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