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>battle shounen has a cool cast of characters
>everyone is more interesting than MC, both in personality and battle style/powers
>MC gets all the fights and is the only one allowed to win/always ends up being the one who saves the day

pic related, I love JoJo but come on, both Part I and II suffered from this, thankfully in the later parts most characters have the chance to shine
But Joey was the best, OP.

well i'm halfway thought part 3 and so far the amount of fights every character gets is very even, and joseph was more interesting to watch in part 2 than the rest of the characters, and they all had like, the same power.
Joseph was great, though.

Yeah I liked him also, but what bothered me was how Caesar and Lisa Lisa jobbed hard only for Joseph to save the day
I would be content if every JoJo part was just about Joey

Part 5 suffered from this more than any JoJo part
Kyou Kara Ore Wa manages to avoid all of those, except maybe the last one. I feel like Itou and Mitsuhashi have about equal time to shine in the manga as well, avoiding the Futari Wa Precure syndrome of one main character outshining the other.
the next thing you are going to say is that he should of died along with ultimate cars
joey should have died along with ultimate kars

... huh?

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