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So, I started this a couple of days ago and I'm up to date with New Waves now. Why is it so good?
>New Waves
Nice to see you have shit taste.


Because great art, great action and despite the generic start, good story.

MC is a little shitty, but at least he kicks ass when it counts.
New Waves is actually pretty good especially if you only started the series now which meant that unlike us that were reading it since the beginning you got to skip all the waiting around for stuff to happen.

It's similar to MxO really except in reverse. A lot of people on /a/ only read or picked up MxO long after it was over. So they never saw the issues with the plot and progression from reading it on a week to week basis and how bad it was. When you read it all at once and catch up like that you can really easily ignore issues like those.

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