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What do you think of Gigantomachia, Miura's newest manga?
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I'm waiting until its complete to read it, also
I'd rather have him finish the other one first
This. Sick of manga-ka putting one project on hiatus then jumping from project to fucking project and never going back and completing the ones everyone gives a shit about.

I'm looking at you, too, CLAMP.
He was clearly getting tired of berserk. I think him having a break and working on something different will be good, because it will shift his focus. Now maybe when this is done, he will want to continue berserk, and may even be excited about doing so.
>He was clearly getting tired of berserk.
Yeah, but that's bullshit too. Way too many mangaka start overly ambitious works, and then some time later get tired of them, leaving the plots unresolved and fans blue-balled.
I like the setting and it's nice to see different types of /fit/ represented in manga but I feel like the MC is Miura's self insert. He's got the manly warrior spirit Miura wishes he had, the face and body Miura would have if he could into /fit/ and his own pet loli. Also, what is it with bugniggers lately? And why does my spellcheck program say that bugniggers is an acceptable word?
Are there any recent pictures of Miura? I've only seen the one from the late 80's, he's pretty reclusive.

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