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Since every show now has at least 3 episodes, what do you keep watching?
For me it is:
>Hozuki no Reitetsu
>Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha
>Sekai Seifuku
>Sakura Trick

From last season:
>Kill La Kill
>Golden Time

(although I haven't watched more than 3 Golden Time episodes, I'm still loading it - is it worth it?)
Roughly in the order in which I'm interested
>Buddy Complex
>Pilot's love stories
>Tonari no Seki-kun
>Space Dandy
>Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha
>Hozuki no Reitetsu
>Magi S2
>Nobunaga the Fool
>Chuu2 2

Last season
>Tokyo Ravens
>Golden Time
>Kill la Kill
>Witch Craft Works

Prolly waiting for them to end and marathon:
>Golden Time
>Nagi no Asukara

Still not checked but planning to:
>Sakura Trick
>Inari Konkon

I hope I did not leave anything out.
Wizard Barristers
Sakura Trick
Tonari no Seki Kun
Saki: Zenkoku-hen
Space Dandy

Kill la Kill
Samurai Flamenco
Mahou Sensou
Sekai Seifuku
Tonari no Seki-kun
Witch Craft Works

>Not watched but going to
Inari Konkon
Space Dandy

Log Horizon
Tokyo Ravens
Strike the Blood
I'm enjoying the leftovers more than most anime that is airing.
>I'm enjoying the leftovers more than most anime that is airing.

This. Most of the new shows are pretty disappointing (Except maybe for SS, but I have to see how it's going to be in the next few episodes.)

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