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is it any good for someone who doesn't like harems /a/?

goes full battle shounen half-way through
but dat ending
negima isnt a harem, just alot of women near a yound boy
I'm cool with that as long as the fights are good
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Starts as Love Hina with shota

Becomes Magical Gundam Dragonball Z halfway in

Kaworu appears and becomes rival/gay love interest

Muh dark magic power up

The climax battle happens several chapters before the actual end, lots of time travel and politics involved after that

Ending is so horible that it denies any fun you had along the ride and makes you regret picking it up in the first place
even as a harem it was pretty good until the ending

>MC is likable, hardworking, and his age gives a perfect reason why he wasn't fucking them
>the harem was an entire classroom and almost all of them were unique, fleshed out, and developed well though a bit samefaced whereas most harems cannot do it with with even three characters
>great designs and artwork
>great mythos too bad they didn't explore it too much before it ended
>all those best girls
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Fights are excellent.
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guess i'll give it a chance then
Negi is probably the only harem protagonist that I can say that I liked

Sure. There are so many characters that there is bound to be someone in it you'll like. Don't expect all of them to get equal development though. Also, if you become an Asuna fan you're gonna hate the Magic World arc.
You'll struggle through the the first 20 chapters, flip-flop between between awesome and uncomfortable with the harem for the majority of the manga, then rage quit the last 15 or so chapters.

Depending on if you fall in love with the characters or not of course.

Personally, as much as I love the characters, I always found the girls crushes on Negi slightly creepy and tried to ignore the harem aspect as much as possible. Which means its entirely possible to very much enjoy the series despite not liking the idea of harems.

This. It's a fun ride but know that it ends with you falling off of a cliff... into those spikes from 2D platformers.
Drop after the festival. You'll be doing yourself a favor.
See this thread OP >>101145184

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