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Never posted on /a/, so bare with me.

Compared to most of you, I'm an anime noob. I've seen most of the popular anime in America, along with some more obscure ones, but still not a lot.

I'm stuck out of town for the next few day. I decided I'd pass the night away and download some anime. Thing is, I don't know what to get.
Suggest something for me to download.

Picture may have been related if I hadn't already read/seen it.
the anime sucked.
murk loar.

...I remember when people actually did that.
well you're a bit of a cunt.
What animu do you like? also can someone post the official /a/ approved anime list?
trolling: gurren lagann
not trolling: haruhi
too sensitive and too noob-ish for 4chan

how long will you last?!

black cat anime sucks..really bad..read the manga

if you can't tell the difference you don't belong here

in b4 pico no bible toads
1) I've been on /b/ since '05.
2) Read the manga. Liked both.
3) Expected more out of /a/. Why? Fuck if I know.
1. look up anime you have seen
2. check recommendations for said series
3. ??????
4. stuff to watch!
>bare with me

I won't wanna strip with a stranger.

Try this few titles:

Seto No Hanayome
Ergo Proxy (starts off really slow)
Dennou Coil (even slower than the above)

And one of my favourite : Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagann. (not trolling)
>>10115765 Never posted on /a/, so bare with me.
Bad start, or good troll.
Wait you see shits like Black Cat and expect more out of /a/?

Long story short, your taste is SHIT.

Everyone has shit taste.
you're the kind of lifeless fanboy that kept me from /a/ for years.
will look into this, thank you.

*keeping records of suggestions*
You're calling someone a lifeless fanboy when YOU'RE on /a/?

...for the first time?
I'd agree with you, but unfortunately, you came from /b/, so I fucking hate you.

Download this 1987 OVA. Demon Legend Ledeus.
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That person probably hasn't been on /a/ for years.

There's a lot of anime out there. Recommendation threads with nothing to work with don't last long. /a/ is going through hard times right now.

Go download Gurren Lagann, and don't complain here since you'll just turn into flamebait.
>*keeping records of suggestions*

why the fuck are you recommending gurren lagann to someone who's barely watched any anime. A fucking limitless library of things to watch, and all you can say is gurren lagann. fuck all
OP what sort of anime are you into?
"Why not?"
youd be surprised how many peoples personalities arent actually what they seem to be on /b/.
why are you all getting worked up about it. newfag or troll its all the same shit. go ahead and make your recommendations but you know what will happen when powerlevels and ep0n0s are unleashed.

seriously OP, don't bother to outright ASK for a recommendation. just lurk and find out about things that look interesting. but most likely you are a troll, thus

Because it is fucking awesome.

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