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I've wanted to watch Yu-Gi-Oh! for a while, but I wanted to know if there's any specific version I should watch or anything? I've seen something called 'Yu-Gi-Oh GX', is that a similar thing to Dragonball Kai or is it something else entirely? Also, is there a mini-series I should watch first like Battlestar Galactica? Or is Season 1 Episode 1 where I should start?
If you have to watch it, start with Season 0, Ep1.

But really, its wasting your time.
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I'll spoonfeed because I really want more people to watch YGO.

None of the series are closely connected, so you can watch in whatever order. DM is good, GX is really great, and Zexal, while it starts off slowly, becomes absolutely fantastic. I haven't watched 5D's or Season 0 yet, so I can't give opinions on them.

All three series have likeable characters and nice plots, especially GX and Zexal. DM and Zexal also have kickass OSTs. Give YGO a shot.
Don't watch any of it. If you're expecting matches that follow any kind of rules or strategy you're going to be very disappointed. On top of that, the story is boring, the characters are flat and QUALITY everywhere.
The Dark Signer arc in 5Ds is the best thing in the whole franchise.
First series is not bad, but the rule sets and illegal ass-pulls are annoying.

Battle city saga rules and matches (season 2 I think?) are a lot more enjoyable except for the god card crap.

5DS if you want a more mature protag.
OP here with more info. I've never played the card game outside of an old PS1 game which I'm pretty sure played fast and loose with the rules too. I think I'll start with Season 1 Episode 1 of Yu-Gi-Oh!, just because it's the first one. Any reasons why I shouldn't?
Too bad the illegal ass pulls were the best part
Go for it. Just stick with it at least until the end of Battle City.
Was it this? Fucking hell there was no proper way to play this game. I remember I managed to somehow fluke my way past that tournament Kaiba had and go back to ancient Egypt only to get buttfucked by some other dude. I think it was made before the card game was finalised.

>Any reasons why I shouldn't?
>I'm pretty sure played fast and loose with the rules too

(I'm assuming you don't mean YGO Season 0) The anime played pretty loosely with the rules as well. I wish I had that catapult turtle/Gaia the fierce knight/that whole thing pic saved.
Obviously, the best Yu-Gi-Oh! series there is is Yu-gi-Oh: The Abridged Series, by LittleKuriboh.

Trust me.
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That's exactly it. To be honest all I did was get a basic deck and export it to a memory card to battle with my friends. It was awesome for that. The best was 'fusing' cards. Fire dude + any mammal = Flame Cerberus.
If you're interested in the card game, I guess any of it would be fine. If you want a sadistic pharaoh doing gambles and slowly becoming less sadistic over time, read the first 8 volumes of the manga or watch Season 0.
I loved this game, it was hard as balls and you had to google all the serial numbers for the best cards just to have something playable
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Dude, you gotta watch 5Ds season 1. Dark Signer arc is best arc and it had best girl
>you had to google all the serial numbers for the best cards just to have something playable
It was fucking impossible to buy anything good though. It was like they were forced to put that feature in and retaliated by making anything Axe Raider level and above 999999999999999999 star chips
I enjoyed what small amount of it I played. The initial ancient Egypt stuff was alright until the inevitably lost to that guy. For a long period of time I would get humped by someone in the present day and could never make it past them, but then I clearly remember this one day when I managed to somehow random my way through the whole Battle City (or whatever it was called) tournament in one sitting. Then back to ancient Egypt and shit was just too hard to overcome. I never figured out the proper way of fusing cards, I just remembered in my head what worked last time and just did that.

>Can buy card
>Every decent card is fucking mad expensive
>Win about 2 stars a match and need like 100 to buy anything good
>No infinite stars cheat

How did they expect people to beat this game.
Up to the end of the modern day tourney around, grind for thunder creatures and +1600 attack dragons and fuse them to make twin headed thunder dragons. After that, grind the sages (the meadow one was especially good I think) for copies of that 3200 attack dragon and toss your hand every turn until you draw them.
There are a ton of speed runs up on youtube, they're pretty interesting to watch
yugioh season 0 is objectively the best season.
I wonder what Takahashi is even up to, these days. He's probably swimming in that sweet royalties money but he's only put out a few one shots and a short lived webtoon since he finished the manga.
I got 2 different episodes both labelled Season 1 Episode 1. Should I be watching the one all about the Blue Eyes card? Some surly prick called Kaiba just TORE IT IN HALF. What a prick.
File: 39821663.png (586.90 KB, 1280x960)
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Duel Terminal anime when
File: WormZero-HA03-EN-ScR-1E.png (468.47 KB, 400x580)
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That's ep one.

Delete All seasons after 0 and ignore all other replies, 0 is the only good season.
>Should I be watching the one all about the Blue Eyes card?

Also it's weird having someone decide to just watch YGO now when it was one of the few things that every nerdy guy (of which there were several in all school years) watched and talked about for the longest time. We even had our own Dark Hunter style rules were you'd lose your best card to the other player if you duelled them. Fun times.

If the other S1E1 episode is Season 0 then I'd recommend watching it anyway at some point. No card games, just Yami setting people on fire mostly.

Fuck me this is funny. Love it.
It wasn't just the nerdy guys, all the normal kids at my school were on that shit for the dosh too. In retrospect, it resembled drug dealing, motherfuckers in the corner selling "rare holos"
You should get through at least one to two arcs in at least 2 series then tackle based ZEXAL
Nah man at my place to be seen with a YGO deck was like wearing t-shirt saying "I have never seen a vagina." Despite that, 3 out of the 4 year groups at my place would regularly play against each other. That whole Dark Hunter thing in the show lead to my greatest, and at the same time the my lamest moment.

>Group of guys in the year above become 'the hunters.'
>If you duel them you will most likely lose and they took your rarest card
>I duelled one of their lower level lackeys one day and managed to beat him and got his rarest card
>The next day the head of the hunters challenegd me to a duel to win back his lackey's card
>In two years I had never beaten him or seen him lose to anyone other than one person who had now left our school
>Decide to play him anyway
>Have about 40 people watching this duel take place
>It was close, but because I believed in the heart of the cards, I won
>Hunters disbanded soon after

I told a friend at uni this and he laughed for a solid 5 minutes because it was "the coolest but gayest story" he'd ever heard. I'm still pretty good friends with those two guys and we bring up every now and again.

File: kv2b.jpg (333.58 KB, 1133x1030)
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Start with ''Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters'' then GX (take the torrent of Subbed version from Nyaa), 5D's and ZeXal.

On April starts a new YGO series so you need to go a little faster.
>you will never have an anime about the charmers' daily hijinks.
episodes 20-40something of 5Ds are the best the franchise has to offer

I went in expecting 20 minute advertisements for cards and I got one of the best shows ever. Too bad it all went downhill after that arc ended

Did you actually just suggest someone watch Zexal? You fiend.
the quality of this story hinges on what the big boss' card was you won, and the card you would've risked had you lost.
File: 1347141809680.jpg (174.18 KB, 900x506)
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Duel Monsters:



>no TAS
you sicken me
I made it! I traveled back to 2007
Crowd Atlas was pretty good. I don't remember what the most recent one was but it was really mediocre. But the crossover movie and some of the recent eps were really good.
Prepare for some possible disappointment then. Since we were going by rarity rather than actual best cards, I think mine might have been a holographic (I don't know what the technical term is but we used to call them either shiny back, shiny writing or shiny back and writing at our place, and the latter was usually always what someone would win/lose) Barrel Dragon and Axe of Despair since we were playing for two cards instead of one.

I won off him an shiny back and writing version of Jinzo, which no one had at the time, and Exodia The Forbidden One. It was a turning point at our school because the head Hunter built an Exodia deck and he didn't have any more than one of the copies of each part, so for a while he became utter shite for a while before reverting back to his pre-exodia deck.

I have lost all four of those damn cards now.
oh sweet you gotta try this show everyone is all over called Code Geass, it will blow your fucking mind! and when you're done with that you should pick up Zero no Tsukaima too it's soooooo awesome
looks like a bible black offspring
>bible black
This is probably the first time someone hasn't related Aki to Code Geass instead.
Yugioh: DM

and then choose on of these routes:
2. YGO 5Ds
3. YGO ZeXal
4. Wait until April and watch YGO ARC V with the rest of us.
5. Alll of the above
>with the rest of us
All 3-4 of us?

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