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So I am trying to get into Gundam. I played a bunch of the Dynasty Warrior games with my friend and I have been wanting to watch it for a while anyway. Where should I start? From the beginning?

Also, if anyone has any good torrents, that would be great.
If you're looking to get into a decade-spanning series why would you start anywhere but the beginning?
Check the catalog


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Hey retard.
I still can't believe how easy it is, and how people can force themselves to do a 3 sec research.
Watch the original, it is by far the best Gundam series. Only Unicorn was close to being as enjoyable.
I'm not saying this because of nostalgia as I only got into Gundam these past 2 years. Before that I used to avoid Mecha like the Plague.

Zeta wasn't that good but still worth the watch after you finish the original.
Just wait for Origin. It's a remake of the original coming out this year, hopefully with some sort of budget.
But he'll miss out on such iconic moments like the Salt Run and Doan's Island.

I have watched most of the UC so my advice is watch the Mobile Suit Gundam trilogy of films then watch Zeta(not the movies), then ZZ and finally CCA after that you can continue going production order or w/e order you want.

You can watch most AU Gundam without watching any any of the UC one so you could watch those.
try the first few
no thanks

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