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Have seen this shitty image posted several times today now.
I don't watch this stupid series, probably some lame MOEblob has died?

wow, big deal.
Not a lame moeblob dying.

Guy proposes to girl, girl dies in an accident, girl thinks he married someone else and had kids and grandchildren, but it turns out that he put her name on the family's tombstone, and his daughter was adopted.

All those years he only loved her.
>girl dies in an accident, girl thinks he married someone else...
Wait. Is this a zombie anime?
Awww... I don't even know what show it is, but that description alone makes me tear up a bit.

... It's not Shitofumi, is it?
No. Postman animu.
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Such a lovely couple.
Successful pedo.
It is, episode 9, watch it nao faggot.
What's with Shigofumi hate?
So the Shigofumi interest died after episode 3 eh?
Well, I admit that was uncalled for, but it suddenly occurred to me so I blurted it out. Hehe, sorry...

That said, here's a list of my Shigofumi gripes:

- The Rei-clone + flippant-staff duo is surprisingly annoying. Both act pretty callous around human suffering, in their own ways. And it's not good for the show if I dislike the main characters going forward.
- When the show isn't being annoying, it's being depressing. After getting closure for the first arc, I didn't feel much like subjecting myself to more annoyance/depression.
- I could see that Fumika was gonna have to re-explain what a shigofumi is to every. Fucking. Recipient. Every. Episode. After two eps I already wanted to punch her face whenever she said the word. This did not bode well for further viewership.

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