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How could an Ever17 anime adaptation work?
Tsugumi end midseason or at the end of S1, depending on series length, then it starts over with Kid route in the next episode.
it wouldn't. it's too reliant on the fact that you're playing from a first person perspective, which the game uses on purpose to deceive you. same is true for other games with an unreliable narrator.
Sharin no Kuni could work since Kenichi's sister is just out of his peripheral vision, yet you are given subtle clues that she's actually there (shutting doors, people acting awkward when they notice her, etc). Don't think it would work for G-Senjoy no Maou though.
Yeah, Sharin would be easy with a good director. Same for Maou, don't show his face and make the MC sounds like Fukujun if you want to troll people (twist is shit anyway).

Ever17 is completely impossible. The protagonist twist is impossible to do, and the Blick Winkel deal only works because it's a video game.
good plan
Would you incorporate the additions of the 360 version?

Tanaka-sensei being the mastermind behind the 2034 operation
Sara being a Leiblich assassin tasked by Tanaka-sensei to target Tsugumi
Sora being uploaded to Pipi between 2017-2034
Coco's dad surviving
Sara and Kid no longer swimming their way back up, but rather escaping through the gondola that they were conceived in
All endings including bad endings converge to [and subsequently diverge from] the final scene of the Coco route, meaning none of the main characters ever actually dies.
You can't putting aside the twist of time travel, Blick Winkel only works because you save relod and so on, which doesn't work in an anime/manga
The scenario writers seems to only create that works for games. There will never be an adaption.
Oh, and the 2034 "sinking" of LeMU was made possible using an upgraded system of what allowed them to see Sora. They were never in any actual danger in 2034. Hokuto was in on the operation before he lost his memory.
God no, the 360 version was a train wreck, they didn't even keep the chicken sandwiches.

Though Kaburaki jumping into a black hole and surviving was pretty damn hilarious
Don't forget, everything must be in 3dcg.
The whole explanation of the time distortion device was hilariously bad.
Like they just didn't give a fuck.
File: Oboro3.jpg (260.91 KB, 1681x1022)
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Why always this shit. Anime studios could try something actually interesting for once.
Yeah, if they want no sales.
Yup, and the whole phasing Takeshi's CG over Kaburaki to spoil it all because why the hell not.

>not interesting
confirmed for not having read the thing
File: EV_SO03A_3.jpg (574.38 KB, 1280x960)
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Stand aside, best girl coming through
File: ever-17-3102329.jpg (17.61 KB, 202x162)
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17.61 KB JPG
Takeshi / Tsugumi
Hokuto / Sara
Kaburaki / Sora
Blick Winkel / Coco
You / You
File: Hnnng.jpg (486.35 KB, 1280x960)
486.35 KB
486.35 KB JPG
Sora is best girl
Tsumugi is best route aside true end of course
>360 version
Fuck, why did you have to remind me of this?
File: EV_TU13C.png (788.82 KB, 1280x720)
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788.82 KB PNG
>Hokuto Sara
and you were doing so well up and until then

In a manner of speaking True end is a Tsugumi route, regardless Tsugumi's still the better girl

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