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So I've finished up reading all the 14 volumes of Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou
3 words: WHAT THE FUCK
I don't get it..

Where's the fucking owner?
What happened to Ayase? And the two old ones? (guess they died away)
What's that mushroom lolis in the manga?
What's the Misago?
And the robot in the plane? (guess that's Alpha in the future pehaps?)

Hate when things end like that..
Still.. I hate more the fact that it ended.. -_-
Fucking great manga.. I recomend it
It's a fucking slice-of-life mango, of course it doesn't explain shit. Go back to bleach/naruto.
YKK was not about the world Alpha lived in but about her daily life. It would take away from the story to explain it all. The mushrooms or the ship in the sky are there to paint a backdrop for the story not to add to the story.
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>Where's the fucking owner?
Probably dead

>What's the Misago?
one of alphas robot predecessors. the first i think.

>And the robot in the plane? (guess that's Alpha in the future pehaps?)
i think its just another of her same model, which is perhaps why she feels a somewhat tepathic/empathetic connection

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