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I'm a little bit late to comment on the last episode.

So bottom line.
>Satsuki cannot lose, the universe itself is refusing to let her.
>Ryuko cannot win ever, she will always only do things according to Satsuki's plans what ever she wants it or not.
>Ryuko just hurt Mako's feeling by refering to Senketsu as her only friend. Dick move Ryuko.
>Nudist beach were totaly useless and wasted all their resources on useless mechs while Tsugumu was out collecting life fibres for them.
>Tsugumu is the only member of Nudist Beach who actualy knows what he is doing and can actualy get shit done.
>The 4 Devas are back in full force and got upgrades.
>Gamgori has really begunn to take a liking/respect/heart to Mako.
>Satsuki now has the son of the only existing rival of her mothers corperation as hostage. See first part.
>Ryuko needs a 4th friend/allie to have a chance against Satsuki's plans.
>Nudist Teacher is finaly spilling the beans on something.

Oh and the episode once agains seems to try to safe money at every corner. Also it's once again clear the whole story was original planned as manga, since the still images certainly would have fit in that one better.
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>Tsugumu is the only member of Nudist Beach who actualy knows what he is doing and can actualy get shit done.

It's funny because it's true.
Shame NB are doomed to forever be a joke, even when they decided to get competent they got their asses handed to them.
Seriously, they have the fiberbuster needles and noone even hit Nonon during her assault. Plot superiority I guess.

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