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>Questions will be asked individually, not in one clump.

Fellow guildmates!
If Mamare came back to 4chan tomorrow for another Q&A, what would you ask him?

>Use the best Log Horizon wiki

>Log Horizon Raws 1 through 6

>Skythewood's translations up through Volume 6

>Mamare-san's world information translated from the Google Docs

>Log Horizon Baka-tsuki edited translations through Volume 5

>Log Horizon translated supplementary information

On topic of LH should I make a staff or a cane for my shiro gear? He uses both.
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Spider hijack.

I declare this thread as a spider thread now.

Can I counteraction Akatsuki with my poison and wrap her with my spider webs to my nest?
Back to mmo you go faggot.
>This paste has been removed!
Shit anime
Shit op
faggot general
Go die please
>s-stop liking what I don't!

i want shit taste to go and stay go
We really, really don't need to have a thread up 24/7. Really. We really don't.
why don't you go and stay go
>Implying I'm here.
Requesting the most up to date /adjustglasses count image.
What is the standard party size?
The newbies 4man their training dungeon but on the wiki it states some harder tier content is commonly 6manned.
Also it is mentioned at some point that combat guilds were involved in 100 person raids.
Is there just no standard, (fewer people -> less sharing) kind of thing?
Did this show really need generals?
General probably isn't the right term, but as long as people want to talk about it threads are welcome.
Mamare played EQ right? Some of those raids got really, really big. 60+ easy, so it's not too farfetched for some content.
Ok, I was just trying to come up with an "ideal" party.
Still messing around with ideas of course:

Guardian (Juggernaut)
Cleric (Armored Cleric)
Assassin (Sword Dancer)
Summoner (Elementalist)

Is what I was thinking thus far.
It's better than 7 scattered threads.
I have to agree.
It seems like every season a new show will incite a dozen threads concurrently, it really leads to those who haven't seen said show to despise the fan base and therefore the show as well.
We're all from MMO Generals on /vg/, it's in our nature to make general threads m8.
Condensing threads after an episode airs is different from necrobumping a 24/7 General.
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Quick addendum, Pipeline: the question log was removed by someone who had a pain in their behind due to the counteraction of the questions.
Here's a more recent one: http://pastebin.com/nPiMvVau
This time on a proper account, so no shenanigans occur.

Will Mamare visit us for the third and last time when the anime ends?
He mentioned that he'll visit us when the season ends.
Doesn't he only have the one weapon, not including his new one that is. It's just a collapsible.

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