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File: 04.jpg (66.90 KB, 1046x606)
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why they kiss in everyweek?

they are friends,didn't it?
In english now.
why you type so retart? want kill?
File: MHKgroC.png (2.15 MB, 1920x1080)
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jus froends, right?
Luckily, I've learned to understand retard in my years navigating the internets, so allow me to translate your post, OP:
>Why do they kiss every week?
>They are just friends, aren't they.
Seriously, I'm only doing this in the hopes that you're not a native English speaker and understand what you did wrong and how to fix it next time.
File: OynK5.png (126.84 KB, 547x516)
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Kisses between friends are normal.
Can't they just kiss girls or dogs or whatever not gay?
On the continent, particularly amongst older generations, kissing between males would not have been weird. They were not the "sustained" kissing between men and women. But leave it to the English and their colonies to make everything really gay.
File: 13692917401311.png (85.39 KB, 265x313)
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If only my former best friend knew.

He didn't even want to hold hands.
My friends would punch me in the mouth and put me in jail.
My faggot friend kissed me on the cheek in high school. I got him back though because I told everyone and he got bullied the rest of high school. Gay got what he deserved. I do wonder how he's doing now, though.
File: 1390872226618.jpg (74.09 KB, 401x400)
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I have a close old friend I didn't see for years, and every time I've seen him since, he's made sexual advances on me.
I have an aspie friend who acts more and more like a girl with a crush on me (no girly mannerisms but lots of questioning, phone calls, jealousy outbursts, etc.) sometimes he asks if he can give me a hug, I always refuse, I am bi and I don't like him at all in that sense, every time I tell him that he bursts out offended because he says he is not a faggot, I tell him there is nothing wrong with being gay and is just that I don't like him that way, he goes rampant saying that I am always "having dirty thoughts and misunderstanding", I just wonder if I am the one misunderstanding why he acts like homophobe every time I reject his advances.
>I'm a shitty troll, this is how all of us shitposters type in "english" and hope people to fall for b8
Every ST shitposter ever. Now go back to >>>/y/.

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