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He touched her with his filthy fear hands! Unforgivable!
Based Rukia
>If she beats this guy in shikai is she stronger then captains now.

pls. where is Naruto

no chapter this week.
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Rape Mode Rukia. Assfaggot picked the wrong person to try and feed off their "fear". Fear is strong, but anger is stronger.
So NaNaNa's letter is U. Unlucky, eh. The longer he observes someone, the less luck they'll have. Renji received a trouble free night of sleep, now he's out of luck. Perhaps it works similar to the scale ability.
Of course she's stronger than Captains now. For one she went to the Royal Palace which is pretty much a free upgrade to Captain due to the training and increased reiatsu density up there.

That and we've never seen Rukia's Bankai. I'm going to fucking laugh if she can materialize those pillars of ice in the air and horizontally.

I'm secretly hoping for her Bankai to be extremely pretty. Outfit change to be more white, maybe the "sleeve" becomes the clothing.
Why does she say her plans out loud?
Shounen. The only place where they don't do that shit seems to be HxH. Mostly thinking inside their own heads or the announcer is explaining.

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