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Ready for more suffering?
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What the hell are you doing!?
Where did you even find something like that...

"It's that time of month"
Hey now... is that why you aren't with Fujiwara?
(I think that's correct, but not entirely sure. Mitsuki says くるんだよ aka "It's coming" and I can't think of anything else that would refer to)

Since you suddenly stopped by
I'm not scared at all! Really!
File: aaahh.png (63.97 KB, 790x445)
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63.97 KB PNG
then there are 2 chapters untranslated

Wtf, I missed that.
Yeah, scrap the time of month shit, I'm on crack. I'm reading ahead to get context first.

It's just a little joke about Mitsuki "asking him out".

Should be like:
Go out with me.
Whoa hey now, is that why you haven't asked out Fujiwara?

Since you just happened to stop by
Now I won't have to feel nervous! That's just great!
What's the point of making him look female with a dick then dropping the dick and adding tits. Should have been a chick from the start or pulled a Yukimaru.
Yeah, scrap the time of month shit, I'm on crack. I'm reading ahead to get context first.

Should be like:
Come with me.
Hey now, weren't you going to ask out Fujiwara?

Well you just happened to come by, so why not.
I totally wasn't nervous about it or anything! Really!
File: 140.jpg (418.57 KB, 1316x2030)
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418.57 KB JPG
I've got some good news for Mr. Innocent over here, too.
Would you like to check this one out as well?

Actually, there was somewhere I wanted you to go with me tomorrow.
File: 141.jpg (438.99 KB, 1315x2028)
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438.99 KB JPG
Why exactly did we come all the way out here?
Clothes shopping?
Was there some clothes you wanted to buy?
That's not it.

I just happened to find it in the area
A bath house

It's pretty far from the dorm, so I thought it might be a good idea after all the trouble you had in the bath.
File: 142.jpg (372.39 KB, 1312x2031)
372.39 KB
372.39 KB JPG
That's a great idea!
I shouldn't run into anyone I know out here either.
This is great! Now my life won't have to be a living hell!
Sorry to be a buzzkill, but...

Which side of the bath did you plan on using?

Which side? Of course I would be on the--
File: 143.jpg (442.77 KB, 1310x2029)
442.77 KB
442.77 KB JPG
C'mon now, don't worry about it!
You're actually really lucky! Just think of all the naked girls you'll get to see in there!
Wouldn't that make me...

Some kind of pervert?!

It comes down to this...
> choose female side, the girl he/she likes is inside too

Calling it
And he manages to bullshit her on account of the fact that he's got breasts now.
File: 144.jpg (502.72 KB, 1313x2032)
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502.72 KB JPG
Even if you aren't found out, if you use the dorm bath again, you're going to run into HIM again.
So which is worse?
Using the women's bath, or being with HIM?

File: 145.jpg (438.12 KB, 1311x2031)
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438.12 KB JPG

First we need to do something about those clothes of yours.
Going in there wearing mens clothing would look suspicious
*sparkle sparkle*

We can see what other people here are buying, and get something similar.
Even if you say to just pick something...
File: 146.jpg (436.88 KB, 1307x2019)
436.88 KB
436.88 KB JPG
Just pick one and let's get going. Something like this should be fine.
What kind of casual wear is that? Where do you think I'll be going?!

Let's see here...
*clatter clatter*

He actually seems to be enjoying this
File: 147.jpg (428.05 KB, 1307x2018)
428.05 KB
428.05 KB JPG

*thump thump thump*
How about this one? I think it's kinda cute...

...or maybe I should go with something a little more plain.
Admit it, you totally like that one!
I have no idea what you're talking about! Gross!
Wait, the hell happened yto the other guy?! I thought we were getting some attempted rape on the showers this week.
Chapter 5. I didn't see the raws for that posted yet. May have missed it.
File: 148.jpg (469.80 KB, 1310x2030)
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469.80 KB JPG
Right this way, miss. Our changing rooms are right over here!
I'm fine, really--
Please take your time!

Should I really
Try this on...
* thump thump thump *

Listen up, Mizuki
You're a man of the Suzushiro Household...
File: 149.jpg (483.58 KB, 1310x2030)
483.58 KB
483.58 KB JPG
No matter how girly you may look, or how many people mistake you for a girl
You must always act like a man!
(Like a man! ...a man... a man... a man...)

This just feels wrong...
I can't do it!
I think you missed what he said in the second panel?
I'd boku his girl
File: 150.jpg (454.46 KB, 1314x2028)
454.46 KB
454.46 KB JPG

This is all just
So I won't be discovered at school!
*badump badump badump*
I don't have a choice!

What the hell
I thought you already left
Sorry dad, I'm going 180-degree way now.
And to think, he isn't wearing a bra at all....
Good call. It's:
I'm sorry Father, but I'm going to have to break your rule now...
Me either.
Hey, OP.
Think you could post CH. 5 if you got a chance?
Oh, thanks for being so prompt.
File: 151.jpg (409.13 KB, 1320x2026)
409.13 KB
409.13 KB JPG

Sorry to keep you waiting...
Who are you...?
Not tomboy enough.
Anyone else think his head looks too big here?

How many more pages?
File: 152.jpg (409.72 KB, 1306x2027)
409.72 KB
409.72 KB JPG
Knock it off! Who do you think it is.
O-o-o-of course! I knew that!
It looks really nice on you

Liar! No it doesn't!
I'm a guy, remember!
Why did I do this in the first place...

I'm so embarrassed I could die!
He doesn't just look good in it, he looks--

Dude needs to fuck his friend already.
File: 153.jpg (512.79 KB, 1313x2025)
512.79 KB
512.79 KB JPG
What exactly
Are you two doing?

(Looks like a date to me <3)
Oh yes. The obvious development.

I guess they could laugh it off as a joke, but I've got the feeling that the girl either finds out about the situation or thinks the two are in love with each other. Or both.
(How do I become a guy again?)

A guy turning into a girl...
Can't possibly happen
(Human Physiology)

I wasn't able to find anything online about it.
So I thought maybe there might be something in one of these older books.
bro all I can tell you is go to abc good morning America's face book page, look up the story about a u.s. army ranger, find lauren woods comment and you will see my comment directed to a congressman...
File: 1323126902852.jpg (18.86 KB, 226x320)
18.86 KB
18.86 KB JPG
That's not it.
This had to be caused by something I came in contact with...
There was that one bug...
That's right! I was stung by that bug!
is there a chapter 5
Chapter 6: My Clothes

I'm too tired to ponder a good wording for the other text atm as its like 2hrs until I go to work and I haven't slept yet soooo

Either someone else do it, or I'll figure it out tonight.
It could go either way. Any real human being would know Mizuki was a girl at this point, as the breasts are pretty obvious in that dress.

But the author has shown Fujiwara to be extremely dense, so I'm not holding my breath.

PS: Chapter 5 was posted at least twice.
File: tomoko.jpg (71.45 KB, 407x477)
71.45 KB
71.45 KB JPG
Did this kinda early, so hopefully the thread doesn't get pruned before the afternoon. But I'm guessing it will.
mah dick

no one's doing it yet? the scans are perfectly cleanable
dat scanline though
File: mahdick.png (301.09 KB, 782x1200)
301.09 KB
301.09 KB PNG
Forgot pic.
Is anyone cleaning this? I could if no one else
Dude, you forgot the line in her hair.


what bullshit development, why do shounens have to be retarded
But she heard him saying that he's guy.
File: fags.png (418.90 KB, 778x1200)
418.90 KB
418.90 KB PNG
dat sexy scanline...
good luck to whoever's cleaning this...
raw or not?
File: paiotsu.png (349.22 KB, 776x1200)
349.22 KB
349.22 KB PNG
File: asdf.png (194.94 KB, 778x1200)
194.94 KB
194.94 KB PNG
File: asdfg2.png (152.17 KB, 782x1200)
152.17 KB
152.17 KB PNG
what is next?
When chapter 5 will be scanlated?
Tl anon here. I didn't know ch5 was never done since it came out a while ago. I'll probably post it this evening then

You must be a saint anon.


This is why I follow the raw and read the translated script, I don't know what they do with photoshop but it ends looking awful.
File: 1382311807175.jpg (23.36 KB, 398x500)
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