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>Hey /a/non - I need to doublecheck something for our group project, lemme use your computer real fast

How exposed would your powerlevel be?
Icons for all my visual novels might give it away. But otherwise there's not a lot on my desktop.
Not anime or manga. Shit picture to start a thread.
I dont even want to think about it
group project for what?
what's a "group project"?
why is there some slut in my house, I'm calling the police
>Password is S@b3r
Subtle enough to play off.
Laptop? No fucking problem. Absolutely nothing on there.

Desktop? Would commit sudoku on the spot.
Bitch, use your laptop. Or your smartphone, everyone has one of those these days.
>not doing group projects by yourself
I'm so glad I don't have to go through these type of situations.
Eternal NEET hikki masterrace.
Aside from the 2hos, not that much.
I use linux, there's a guest account I keep which is barebones openbox and tint2. The only two options in the menu are "Firefox" and "Exit". When it exits it kills X and doesn't go back to a bash prompt. Also no read access to my home directory. There's literally nothing you can do other then use the firefox machine.

I don't know what the hell I am doing in which she would ask to see my computer though. Can't I just give her the files and she would be working with them on her computer?

>Telling her your password
my password is akari.

the hint is odango bazooka.
Yeah... I really have to clean the tablet I take to uni classes. You have the right idea though, but you will have to hide files if someone is coming to-

Oops, silly me, forgot where I was.

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