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>Had to go through the death of Father and seeing mother abandon them
>Had to grow up fast and sacrifice her childhood to protect younger sister
>Had to sacrifice graduating high school and start working asap to earn money
>Had to constantly not go insane and keep her cool with her delusional spoiled little sister causing shit
>Able to send Rikka to school, put a roof over her head, and even give her monthly allowance money

And what does that little shit do? She spends that hard earned money on useless junk. She wastes the hard earned money from big sister without a moments hesitation. She should be thanking her big sister with every breath she takes. Because of that little runt, Touka has to get shipped out of the country and wont get anymore screen time. Fcuk you I mad.
You do realize taking your anger out on Rikka will only make her pull away more from reality and worsen the situation thus making it harder on you're waifu. You don't deserve her.
Abandon that useless imouto. She cant cook,cant wash clothes, does not even know how to use a vacuum cleaner. She plain retarded. Touka, abandon that idjit and go join iron chef. Go get your Michelin stars.

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