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I saw that a second season of this was being aired this season and I generally enjoy occasional works that Xebec is involved in (LvB, Upotte, Kanokon) as guilty pleasures.

But I just gave the 1st series the 3 episode test and I just had to ask; Does this get any better at all or is it just going to be the same sort of stuff in further episodes? and also; Is it worth sitting through for the second season?

Thank you
It doesn't progress at all. There are hints that it'll go all DxD but nothing interesting yet.
Thank you.

White knighting beta faggot and retarded tsundere childhood friend as main lead characters bugged the shit out of me.

Are the side characters even entertaining at all? (the reason why I enjoyed Haganai was because of the side characters not the stupid love triangle bullshit in the center)
Himagami is the best girl in the story. It's not that great, though. You might try reading the manga instead to get you to season 2. The story's just as bad, but you at least get Hiromitsu's artwork. Zebec softness is more or less the only thing to watch for, though.
There are some laughs, but they get a little stale by the end. I watched the whole first season and shrugged at the end.

Honestly, it made me feel like it was going to get good, the end of the season was shit and they built up everything to some shitty plot twist or something that I can't even fucking remember. For some reason I think there may have been some reason I watched the entire season but its escaping me at the moment, maybe I just had nothing else to watch at the time.

Thanks for the opinions. I think I'll safely drop this series and watch something at least more entertaining. Second season or not, I'm not going to sludge through an apparently boring 1st season just for Xebec softness. Kanokon was shitty but at least it was retardedly entertaining and featured softness, this just seems boring and from what I'm told, doesn't get any better.

Thank you anon, see you at the bottom of the catalog.

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