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File: My Aoi.png (463.89 KB, 667x750)
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What are your plans with your waifu/Love You/girl this Valentine's, /a/?

Also Valentine Ideas thread.
Not even the name anymore? Are you finally going to go anon?
What are you talking about? I'm always an Anon.
Who do you think you're fooling?
My gf is busy on valentines, so I guess I'm just gonna spend the day watching anime and crying myself to sleep
I'm going the usual thing of putting an Aoi picture on my monitor and then put some cake or chocolate on the keyboard. But I need more ideas, I guess.
I hate you.
Probably going to rewatch Kuragehime with my girlfriend.
>3DPD gfs
>Implying I have a gf
Please, I'm in wizard training.

Jesus we get more normalfags by the minute.
File: Panty4.jpg (568.61 KB, 1009x907)
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568.61 KB JPG
We're just gonna fuck.
You're waifu a canon slut.
Don't care, she gives me the best sex.
I bought Japanese cookie bags to feel like a little 2D girl. I'm probably going to bake some checkerboard cookies and give them to myself. If I have enough time, I'll probably end up making a roll cake and other miscellaneous sweets to give to no one in particular.
Here is a thought, since waifus can't cross over dimensions, how about we upload our brains into the 2D world in a pre-rendered environment which closely resembles our reality. There our waifu with her personality coded into the AI can live with us and we can be with her eternally.

After all we don't know where conscious resides, but it's worth a try.
Because you're not truly with your waifu in that world, only an AI that resembles her.

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