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I'm as talkative and crazy as Deathpool. I don't kill people for a living though. I tried to dig a hole for roses, it was so exhausting that there's no way I can bury a dead body. It's too bad that I don't have a boat. *Maniacal laughter* I love water, fishes and sushi. I have many aquariums with guppies and bettas, but I don't make sushi with those.

I'm a French Canadian. I make great efforts to write properly, even when I fail miserably, and would appreciate the same courtesy so I can learn.

I value blunt truth and freedom~

I'm very fond of photography because it immortalizes the beauty of life into pictures, and animes because it takes pictures and brings them to life beautifully.

As a general rule, for me to like an anime, somebody has to die, or bleed a lot. The more blood the harder I laugh. I adore parodies, satires and sarcasm. I'm the embodiment of them. I don't like clich├ęs like school girls and mechas, but I did like Code Geass. I have an open mind. Especially when it's supernatural, evil and freaky. Love it!

I use all of my brain: my kid side, emotional, rational, and dark side. I'm always impressed by split personality stories, or anything out of the boring ordinary. I need complexity and originality. I'm gifted with a high IQ, but socially clueless, like a wild animal. I actually kinda know what people expect, I just refuse to be trapped in a stereotypical box. What's the point of having a easier life, by playing it safe and obedient, if you're dead inside...
I'm eclectic, a hybrid in many ways~ Why follow one path blindly when you can get the best of many~

I love dark humor above all, and spontaneous randomness~ I'm crazy, on purpose, with great effort and care. It amuses me. I hope that you'll choose to appreciate it too~

I'm a health nut. I'm good at hunting information and this is my passion. According to my research, specialists and my experiments: in theory if we took massive doses of vitamin C instead of sugar, we'd become immortal. Or at least we'd stop being sick. I'm the undead proof!

I'm hypoglycemic, so if I try to bite your head off, I'm probably just hungry... or playfully showing my affection... or you really provoked me too long and deserve it.

I love to make demotivational posters! I made a web site from scratch and this is my funniest page:
BANANAPOOP ~ The "How to be less stupid" tutorial.

I merge orphan torrents into 480p packs. Mostly by HorribleSubs. I'm [WolfPack] at nyaa.se

This is a short post for me. Well, maybe not anymore. I edit them many times. I can write way more than that. Unlike the writer's block, I can't stop! I'm a writer's wettest dream~ XD But I'm asexual, attracted to neither, so don't take sexual comments literally, to me it's a all big joke. Hyper-sexualisation annoys the hell out of me, if I wanted to see panties, I'd open my drawer! I could have a deep friendly affection for any gender, but I'm a misanthrope so it's rare. Except maybe effeminate evil men, like Sephiroth! Tototo~tom~~~!
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I like wolfs XD

Here's one of my torrents.
Sick poetry my brother of African descent
Thanks my nigger.
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Wait, is this for real? This is comedy gold.
Yes, this is seriously someone's about me on MAL.

Same person: >>101126591

You can't make this shit up.

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