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Anyone know if the other .hack series are any good? Just finished Sign and loved it and really wanna know which to go to next.
the others aren't like sign, i enjoyed parts of the others
What about Quantum? I've been seeing it semi-often here.
It's a really bad series in all apsects (writing, directing, animation, pacing, character development) except one thing: the music.

The music in the SIGN anime is fucking amazing, and even comes during long dialogues, which when I first saw it I immediately lost all interest in the story but just turned up the volume for the rest of the episodes.

The games are grinding trash shit, worse than any Korean MMORPG, all of them. They contain only 10% story. Just watch a let's play if you want to know what happens. Anime was made to sell the games.

Also, Blackrose best hack.
I mean I thought it was pretty decent, solid 6.5/10 imo. The music is pretty god tier though, I'll agree with that.
The first four games take place right after sign so you could continue from there. I think the liminality ovas were supposed to be watched after beating each game too.

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