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Ok, so /b/ had this"ITT: We terribly describe animes and other anons try to guess them. Extra hard edition, no more than three lines." I was carefully going through having fun as the thread got longer and longer then died. But I want to keep playing, after all I like to eat anime mysteries.

So here we go. Rules are clues are only three lines in green text to describe an anime, the starting question posts link to this post so people can easily skip to the questions from the top of the thread. Any attempt to answer must also have a picture of the anime you think it is in the reply that links to the question post which should not have a picture, not this post. Please reply to any attempts with a "yes" or "no" and maybe another clue in green text. Also don't post too many overly generic things in an attempt to make it impossible. Please limit it to one question per post.

I will start with two different questions (Yes, I am breaking my own rule so the noobs can at least get one of them. I always hated when games started out too hard, like a brick to the face)

>College student
>Talks to microorganisms
>makes alcohol

>Platoon left out to die
>When blood war paint comes on he face you know someones going to die
The explanation wasnt needed, we have these threads all the time.
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Well it was the first time I had seen one. Here I thought it was clever and it would be more appropriate to move to /a/ (rarely come over here, despite my love for anime) and refine the rules in more detail so the post structure would be easier to follow for everyone's benefit.

Anyway seeing the lack of interest I will just post the answers and move on, still hoping some will come play, as I'll be lurking.

easy: Moyashimon: Tales of Agriculture

hard: Armor Hunter Mellowlink
>he's a faggot
>he posts on /b/
>he uses vlc
guess who
>Inspired by nobility
>NTR delicious brown girl for shit character
Wow, that is mean. I expected better from you. Also you are partly wrong.

I am not a faggot. I am heterosexual, with strong asexual tendencies. Know the difference.
I do post on /b/, but not very often.
Despite how much people complain about VLC and imply I and stupid for using it, I see no problem with it given my experiences.

If people are going to bash VLC I expect to
A. Actually encounter an issues over the hundreds of anime I have watched
B. Have them present a better alternative. (I don't count Windows Media Player as better given how much the thing crashes and drops subtitles)

>Here I thought it was clever

You thought wrong. Fuck off back to /b/ you faggot.
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Why couldn't this have just been a Neuro thread.
>I am heterosexual, with strong asexual tendencies. Know the difference
Tumblr wont invade /a/ they said.

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