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I just re-watched this series and was blown away once again. Who else out there has love for The Karas?
Sort of.

The fight scenes were great, the animation was great. The designs for the various Karas were very nice.

The plot was annoying, the antagonist being a bishounen faggot (AGAIN) was annoying, the REALLY SHITTY SHOUTS during battle were utterly insanity-inducing. Heeeagh! Huuuyaagh! Hiiiagh! Heeegh!
I loved it.

The first 3 were like LOL WUT 2 years ago when I watched them, but the last 3 were like FUCK YEAH.
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I LOVED IT! But the anime is more of a /m/ thing.
Ok granted the jet plane and race car-esque forms make it seem kinda Transformery, its really not a mecha.
I had the same issues, although the fact he lost a arm and got shattered metal in his eye makes up for his bishounen nature.
But the yelling...dear god, especially Nue, since he had to drive at everyone and jump off of his motorcycle firing his golden pistols while screaming at the top of his lungs.
Oh, and some of the /mikura designs were just stupid.
No I mean because this anime is an homage to Kamen Rider type series

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