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Fuck you, /a/!

I thought this omake was just a FAQ for F/Z with some fanservice.

Why nobody told me it actually had a plot?!

Fuck! That last scene after the credits made all my hair stand in a mindblowing experience!
Godammit. That Iri.
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Zecchan is a miracle to the universe.
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I remember when I watched this.

>all friends hyping over Breaking Bad
>media critics starts hyping too
>never watched it
>dl it
>decide to marathon it and see what all the commotion is about
>watch all 5 seasons in a week
>Breaking Bad? More like Boring Bad 5/10
>"Shit! That was boring! What else can I watch?"
>browsing HDD folders
>open F/Z BD version folder
>Einzbern Consultation Room? I don't remember this...
>watch all 6 episodes

Hey, /tv/fags!
Are you even trying?
Breaking Bad is to television as SnK is to anime.
Good, but over hyped?
Massively overrated pleb shit.

Breaking Bad is so much better than anything TM has ever put out it's not even worth discussing.

Are you 13 years old or something?
Breaking Bad at least had some merit and characters deeper than a puddle.
>only slightly interesting character is MC and nigger kingpin
>ALL FUCKING WOMEN ARE SHIT. Walking predictable boring bitches. No exceptions
>poor character development overall
>loooong useless filler scenes of useless dialog or those boring 5 minute scenes where they override the audio with those shitty songs
>Jesse's friends and White's son are 1D shitty characters. No character development
>Lawyer is a blatant lame plot device throughout the serie.
>wife is weak as fuck from beggining to start. No char dev for her too
>Jesse in a nutshell: fight with White, kill someone or somebody dies, become an emo, repeat cycle. Very slight char dev.

When you watch BB you should expect 8 hours of nothing happening for 3 minutes of something slightly exciting.

Plot moves slower than a snail.
Few exciting moments or good plot twist.
Almost non-existant char development.
Shitty-useless-rage-inducing characters
Shitty Narrative
Tons of filler scenes.
Forced predictable ending

It's shit.
You are objectively wrong. Breaking Bad is the highest-rated television show in the history of entertainment.

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