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I keep hearing that SnK has a cancerous fandom. What's so bad about it?
SnK fanbase cancer on /a/ is currently quite low right now.
It's not the /a/ SnK fandom. It's the fandom outside of /a/.

The 'fandom' is the same, or the same kind of people that thought SAO was AOTY. Ergo, cancer.
Between the legions of fans mindlessly defending even the most obvious of flaws and constantly posting drivel about how EPIC the show is without actually analyzing it in addition to self-insert rants on Tumblr about they "relate" to their favorite dumbass characters, I'd say Attack on Titan competes with Nardo for worst fanbase.
Ohpee here. Not talking about /a/'s fanbase.
Oh boy, you'll find out in this shitty thread that won't be deleted
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You know that feeling about getting really excited about something then when it comes out it's good but not that good. Even still then it gets really popular among the casual populace. Now the new fanbase is saying it's the most amazing thing since sliced bread but in reality pretty average in the grand scheme of things. Yet the new young fanbase has almost no taste to base these high praises on so their ignorance circle jerks and grows until outside observers are sick of hearing that shit.

>RE: Hipster mentality
>RE: Naruto One Piece Bleach
>RE: Bunch of annoying casuals giving average anime too much praise
I feel the same way about Madoka, it feels ruined.

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