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File: Orosnake.png (64 KB, 225x250)
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>After two-and-a-half years of training Sasuke, Orochimaru's current body begins to fail him, forcing him to begin the body transfer on Sasuke. Sasuke, unwilling to give up his body, fights the process and, like Itachi years earlier, is able to use his Sharingan to stop it. Setting himself apart from his brother, Sasuke also uses his Sharingan to turn the process against Orochimaru, absorbing him into his body. Orochimaru is from that point suppressed by Sasuke, who uses Orochimaru's abilities as his own in the interim. When his fight with Itachi leaves Sasuke without the strength needed to hold Orochimaru back, Orochimaru sprouts from Sasuke's body ready to take Sasuke's body for himself. Before he can do so, however, Itachi seals him in an eternal, inescapable genjutsu.

Good night, sweet prince.
File: Orochimaru_by_iDNAR.jpg (106 KB, 619x707)
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isn't part of snakefagman's soul still inside his bitch
File: 35e285ff1710ccdc.jpg (371 KB, 740x663)
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>After Sasuke's initial defeat of Orochimaru, Kabuto integrates what remains of Orochimaru's body into his own in an attempt to make himself into an entity even stronger than Orochimaru. The remains, however, seem to have some degree of consciousness, as they have since begun to slowly take control of his body.
Sage for Bleach
Wow, he's become quite ugly and serpentine in appearance.
File: Orochimaru_by_arriku.jpg (284 KB, 800x544)
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284 KB JPG

this isnt bleach, although i like that one too
colored penis!??
Wow, what a total waste of years of plot "development."
sage for one piece
that one is ok, i got bored halfway though xD
why did I just fap dear god
But what happens when Itachi dies?

Who gets the sword?

so what about the ninjainfocard dudE? HE ALSO ABSORBED HIM INSIDE OF HIMSELF
File: dfsgs.png (840 KB, 760x1010)
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840 KB PNG
Sage for Bleach
yeah, what happened to Kabuto?
Is that snake body made from thousands of penises?
this isn't bleach it is one piece
You faggot gaia niggers
Oh god fanart already!?
How about that water guy who collects swords?

He'll want Itachi's magic sword.

Then Orochimaru will possess him. Believe it.
File: jh.png (112 KB, 550x784)
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112 KB PNG
thats my favorite site! although i just got linked here from there, this place might be my second favorite
WHAT THE FUCK. Sixth naruto thread.
i came!! so funny!!!
This one's by a sagefag pretending to be a newfag.

It's his idea of clever mockery, except no one on /a/ actually acts like that, so it's a failure.

No one will be taken in by it. No one smart.
File: fsgfdg.jpg (122 KB, 829x1147)
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122 KB JPG
I'm not sure what you are talking about \(*-*)/
too much naruto
Stop defending this shit already. It's okay, you won't be hated.
a snake body of penises
1, Do the moon walk
2, Win "Miss America"
3, Try to take over a fan-girl's body
4, Wallow in the song "I can't make you love me(if you don't)"
5, Admit, in a game of a "truth or dare" that he has the hots fo Kabuto
6, Spread a rumer that Sakura is going out with Neji
7, Decide that he wants Sai's body instead of Sasuke's
8, Support Hinaino
9, Run for breast cancer
10, Yell "I LIKE PEANUTS!!!!!"
11, Stop reffering to himself as "the predator"
12, Star in 'You're a Good Man Charlie Brown'
13, Dress as Arwen for Halloween
14, Stop wearing that stupid purple bow
15, Smile and say "lol I'ma Bitch"
16, Run from a small snake and wale
17, Chew the same peice of gum for a week
16, Use his tung to scratch his own eye
17, Become the envy of the fandom basis
18, Have as many fangirls as Sasuke-kun
19, Take a Hogwarts student hostage
20, Become the next big vilane in Gundome Wing
21, Eat 5 corn dogs with strawbaries
22, Go to a tanning salon because he thinks he is too pale (which is true)
23, Sing "In These Delightful, Pleasant Groves" on stage
24, sob and declare that deep down inside, all he wants is to be loved
25, Think he is fat
26, Ask Anko to marry him
27, Tell Neji to go get a hair cut
28, Shave his head and yell "MWAHAHA!!! I'M LORD VOLDIMORT!!!"
29, Get Hyuuga contacts
30, Discover Kabuto's secret stash of Shonanai
31, Go to Shikamaru's birthday party
32, Find a way not to go to the world premeir of "Snakes on a Plane"
33, Take love potion number nine
34, Hier Richard to kill Ino
35, Get married fresh out of high school
36, Not get what he wants
37, apologize for cursing people
38, go cross eyed and say "One day the world will be over run by killer Tomatoes..."
39, Go to the top of a mountain and yell "I'M STREIGHT!!!"
40, Perform native american tribal chants through his socorder and acumpany himself on the electic chellow... which he never studdied
41, Perform the "lawnchair handcuff dance" to the sound of iced tea being stirred
42, Go to alchaholics anonomis
43, Die his hair blue
44, Write a comidy about a scarab beatle and a snake
45, Write an FMA fanfic about Ed and Rose
46, Manage a whore housefor women
47, Wear a mid drift like Sai's
48, Think "Fun with the Akatsuki" is funny
49, Hide in the wooden horse of Troy
50, Mess up the diolog on purpose
51, Go nail Kabuto and leave Sasuke alone
52, Do a verry convinceing fake Oragsm in the middle of a diner
53, Be a lady killer
54, wear a shirt that says I <3 Nerds
55, walk on stilts

>eternal, inescapable genjutsu.

SPOILER: Them putting so much emphasis on this means that he'll escape it.
81, sing a high C sharp
82, be as hawt as me
83, Read Ruroni Kenshin
84, Become an avid fan of Dr. Seus
85, Give a speach about how time is a gift
86, Die for no reason
87, Become a dragon rider
88, Insist that people call his Orochi
89, have his e-mail be I_want_Sasuke's_Body@Snakecave.com
90, Acuse Kabuto of cheating on him with a women
91, Join the millitary
92, Become the next 'Dr. Jackle and Mr. Hide'
93, Hide under a blanket durring the movie "Anacondas"
94, Fall in love with Sakura
95, Get put in the corner by the teacher because he was being a bad little boy

ooooo man, the spelling errors are killing me, worth the read

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