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So i just finished Neon Genesis Evangelion and fuck /a/...those last two episodes made no fucking sense. I came into this thinking, "it can't be that bad" but shit...it was bad. I don't know if i'm just too fucking stupid to understand it or what, but that shit wen straight over my head. The rest of the series was better than expected. haven't even thought about starting EoE or the Movies. Also Episode 19 disturbed me in ways most anime can't

>mfw watching those last episodes.
>ITT General Evangelion discussion and thoughts.
>haven't even thought about starting EoE
You shouldn't have started this thread
Shinji got over his shit.

Why is this so hard for people to figure out.
What couldn't you understand?
It's pretty clear that the last 2 episodes were shinji talking to himself through the other characters and making himself get over his issues.
Watch EoE immediately.

Them have fun not being able to stop thinking about it at least weekly forever.
is it that good? because to my understanding EoE is what they made because of the outrage caused from the last two episodes correct?
It was made because the ran out of money at the end of the series and wanted to make the ending the way they originally wanted
The last two episodes basically spells everything out very simply concerning the characters' complexes and the themes of the show, despite the bizarre presentation (which was done in earlier episodes anyways). What confused you, exactly?


No, they made it because they wanted to, and they didn't really get to show all they wanted with the TV end because of time constraints. And the last episodes didn't cause much outrage.
i guess it was the presentation. It just didn't sit well with me for some reason. Overall though the show was much better than expected, as i'm not a huge fan of mech.
I highly suggest you watch EOE, although you'll probably be just as lost, but it's still a necessary watch for the full experience. Don't take your eyes off it when it all goes down.

25+26 is about Shinji questioning the nature of his existence, his depression, and his identity in relation to others. The staff did not have the time for the big showdowns and such that they wanted, but they still stand by the ending and it's strange psychedelic direction.

EOE continues on from episode 24 and follows SEELE and NERV's plans for the end of the world, tying it all into Shinji's depressive emotions which rise to its fever pitch.

The presentation is the usual character introspection scenes taken to their limit, but the message itself is the same one that the series had gone over before. The worst part I think is how sudden a change it is from episode 24 to 25, so that can be a bit offputting.

While EOE has a lot more varied content and doesn't spend as much time with those kinds of scenes (compared to the whole 40 minutes of TV end), the ones it does have go even further with their abstraction, so buckle up.

And while Eva's not the most standard mech, you'll find most are still character dramas above anything else, Eva just runs with that far more than most, just in case you had the wrong idea about them.
Anyways, glad you enjoyed and appreciated the show, and hope you enjoy EOE!

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