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Why does no one talk about the greatest love story told anymore?
Thanks for reminding me to download Sigma now that it's done
We did, during KyoAni conference last month, waiting for a third season announcement.
Because it turns into a clusterfuck of shit after the animu ends and the pair that make it worth watching are separated for fucking ever until like 2 pages at the end.

I honestly don't want another season. I want Fumoffu2 with a good end.
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it ended years ago
not much to discuss by now
Did they even make any mention of it?

Seems like they have way too much on their plate to even consider going back to FMP.

Yes, the director didn't like working on 'Mech' shows since it was more difficult to do and didn't seem to meet expectations.
Did anyone speak up and tell him nobody fucking cares about the mecha portions of FMP and everyone is totally cool with a season of Sagara antics and sexual tension in an action/comedy?
The ending wasn't all that great. I mean, I'm glad it was a happy ending, but that's all it was. I'd still kill for COMO and BOMF to get animated though.
I'll second this
And I'll second this
FMP isn't my favorite series and it certainly wasn't my first but it holds a special place in my heart.

And Sigma basically shat all over everything I loved about FMP with it preachy, pretentious bullshit, lack of character interaction, and focus almost entirely shifting to armslave combat. But not cool armslave combat, just more bullshit lamda driver nonsense.
well the later novel also shift toward the same direction
Yeah, you can actually see the bullshit start to happen near the end of Gonzo's run, but it's not as noticeable since it still ends on a good note. TSR is pretty heavy on the stuff and despite the animation it's my least favorite entry because the story is so stuffy. Fumoffu is the best entry to the franchise (and remains one of Kyoani's best shows).

A bit odd that the best material comes from "side stories" though.
Because it's over.

In two out of three featured mediums even.
>nobody fucking cares about the mecha portions of FMP
Speak for yourself.
They were quite subpar as far as mechas go

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