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Hi /a/, I want to troll Gurren Lagann like everyone, but I idn't watched it yet.

Who makes the bestereter subs for Gurren Lagann ?
Pic unrelated.
C'mon guys...
Trolling GL is easy if you've seen Lucky Star. Just start off by saying LS is better than GL in every way, and go on to explain the finer points of LS.
You can't troll Gurren-Lagann, you can only bring Cirno's DESTRUCTION OF TRUTH upon you.

Few have survived it.
Okay, actually, I don't intend to troll it, I just want to watch it, because now it feels like I missed one of the biggest shows of this year.
"Kira," Zero didn't offer his hand for the man to take, nor did the man in front of him try to offer his. He nodded towards Kallen to close the door, only then offering a seat.

"Well, Zero," the man who was known for killing criminals all around the world smiled, eyes covered with a dark visor that stopped Zero both from using the Geass and from discovering who Kira was. Though the second was common sense, Zero was quite certain that, somehow, Kira had realized that he needed direct eye contact. Quite impressive for someone who, according to C.C., didn't have the Geass. "I don't know if I should be impressed or disappointed. You're not afraid that I might have agreed to meet you only to kill you?"

"I thought of that," Zero agreed. He, too, sat down, looking toward the chess set on the table between them. "But you would have done that already, if you could."
>I want to feel like I belong to the KOOL KIDS on /a/ so I want to troll GL.
Plenty of anons doing this already. Why would anyone watch a series only because he wants to troll it?

Also 4/10, nice misspelling.
Well, fuck you all, I got over it myself.
Take a phallic object and ram it up your ass instead. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you.

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